Why Are Black Men Going To Brazil


In 2013, a documentary about black men going to Brazil hit YouTube and caused serious discussion in the black internet world.

Despite a few criticisms I have with the film, specifically with the black men they chose to interview and the Brazilian women at the end, I was intrigued with the different sides people took on the matter.

From my observation, you could group the people who commented on the film in four, distinct groups.

  1. Black men who totally agreed with the film’s direction. The men who dream of Brazil as a paradise for them, who view African-American women as evil, terrible human beings who only care about money and being independent. The men who believe Brazilian women are better than American for various reasons. Most of these men have had bad experiences with American women.
  2. Black women who believed the men in the film were fools, bitter and broke. They believe all or at least most Brazilian women have ulterior motives and that they are not really nice. They believe most Brazilian women who date foreign men are either prostitutes looking for money or looking to get a green card. They want men to “man up”, only date women in their native country and stop fleeing overseas.
  3. Black men who side with the black women who criticized the film. They think the men in the film had no game and that’s why they couldn’t get a woman in America. In their opinion, all women are the same (all of them are crazy). So the men in the film ran to Brazil, where the women are more economically disadvantaged and use their middle-class salaries to be the “big man on campus”.
  4. The people, men and women, who really don’t care and thought the documentary was entertaining and nothing else. They aren’t worried about who people date. “If you like it, I love it”.


Personally, I think the first 3 groups are right and wrong.  Each group picks the side that emotionally appeals to them already, THEN they formulate “facts” and “evidence” to support their stance. There’s some truth sprinkled in a pot of stereotypical opinions.

Black Men Have Stopped Dating Black Women For Brazilians

Whenever I hear the outrage of black men going to Brazil from women, I chuckle to myself since the majority of Americans of ALL races don’t even have a passport to leave the country.

Let alone, a Brazilian visa or the desire to visit Brazil.

The outrage is unfounded.

I’ve noticed the only women who argue against men, specifically black men traveling to Brazil are either ignorant of the country and regurgitate things they have heard (everyone has AIDS, all of them are transsexuals, you are going to get robbed and die), feel threatened by Brazilian women for some reason or just like to be combative.

Sometimes they hear men saying bad things about them , so they feel disrespected. I completely understand why a woman would defend herself in this case.

Yet many times, I’ve come to the conclusion that some people just like to argue for the sake of arguing. Even if the topic does not affect them.

Generally speaking, black men going to Brazil does not affect American black women’s dating pool.

Mass incarceration, black men dying prematurely in America and the increase of dating options/preferences which results in some women not settling down and keeping their options open until they no longer have any are much bigger factors in why many black women are single in America.  

But of course, this is only my rightful opinion.

Why Are Black Men Going To Brazil

There is no one size fits all answer to why Brazil remains to be a popular destination for single, black men from America.

Some men go for the sex, whether they pay or get it for free. Brazil is known for having sexy women.

Although not as widespread as many men would hope, there are definitely beautiful women in every Brazilian state. All races of men find Brazil appealing for this reason.

Some black guys are attracted to the freedom of Brazil. In America, you can pretty much expect to have a camera on you 24/7 until you go home. That can make you paranoid.

And some men like the culture and demographics.

Blacks are only 13% of the U.S. population and constantly being around people who don’t look like or have the same life experiences as you will affect you whether you realize it or not.

It’s refreshing to be around black and brown people daily, who understand where you are coming from. Even if you don’t speak the same language or necessarily have the same culture.

The Dream Seller


The dreamcatcher – dreamcatchers would filter out all bad dreams and only allow good thoughts to enter our mind. With all of that said, there are dream sellers who misrepresent black men who love Brazil.

I call these men dream sellers because they are always giving false images, stereotypes and misinformation about the country to sell a dream to other unsuspecting brothers.

Some common statements you may hear from these men are:

  • American women are too superficial. Brazilian women don’t care about looks or muscles.
  • Brazilian women don’t care about money, they only want love and companionship.
  • Women in America don’t even say hi to you. Brazilian women approach you all the time!
  • Feminism has ruined American women! All of them have attitudes and want Tupac in a suit. Brazilian women still believe in traditional families.

As I type these examples of what dream sellers might say about Brazil, I have to admit some of them have a hint of truth to them.

My issue isn’t really with the statements per se; I don’t like how they are used.

These dudes are usually the loudest black men who advertise Brazil the most.

Most of these guys haven’t been to Brazil, hardly speak a lick of Portuguese, or have only taken brief trips, staying exclusively in the tourist areas.

They’ve only dealt with a specific type of woman who doesn’t really represent your average Brazilian woman.

It would be like a tourist visiting Los Angeles and only talking to women in Hollywood. Then using those women to represent all American women. It’s not accurate.

Also, a lot of these single brothers are in their late 30s/early 40s and they have been bitten by the bitter bug; they may feel animosity towards American women.

They have been called ugly, nerdy, broke or another negative term and they hold a grudge to this day. Most of these men aren’t married and will never marry a Brazilian woman.

They find enjoyment in marketing Brazil as a place where black men are kings while still living in the U.S. and complaining about American black women.

Fly Brother Fly

Whether you are frustrated by American women, you want to learn Brazilian Portuguese or you’re interested in experiencing samba, I will always encourage you to visit Brazil.

I only caution you to not buy into the hype of  what you may hear. Brazilian women will tell you in a heartbeat that you will be sorely disappointed.

The fact is most American black men aren’t going to Brazil or traveling the world, so there is no valid reason to tell them not to go overseas.

Black men going to Brazil is not an epidemic and it will never be one.