Warning: Why Your Long Distance Relationship Won’t Work

Long Distance Relationships Suck

It’s the truth and you know it. You can’t stay faithful or trust your girl who lives across town; how do you expect to keep the party going when she lives in another hemisphere.

But you are different right. You met a nice Brazilian lady and you both hit it off. After a nice trip together and the exchange of social media information, you head back to your native country and swore to keep in contact.

Four weeks have passed and you are starting to get that “itch”. You like the girl, but she is so far away.

Long distance relationships suck.

A Woman & Her Jealousy

Brazilian women are jealous beings. I’m just going to keep it real with you.

The woman you are dating could be a Valeska Reis clone and she would still feel threatened by other women. Brazilian women really believe there is no “I” in team. So, if she knows you are in the states or somewhere in Europe doing your thing, she’ll stop taking the relationship seriously and move on to the next.

If you aren’t a punk, this jealousy trait can be handled and you can live happily ever after with your brasileira.

But it’s much more difficult to calm a Brazilian woman down when you are 3 timezones and an 11 hour flight away. It’s just not realistic.

She’s Still A Woman With Needs

Even if you are 100% faithful, there is a likely chance that she is not.

The cats been out the bag for quite awhile now. Women cheat too. Brazilian women are not an exception, so don’t be a fool and read the writing on the wall if you have any suspicions. And like I described in the post 6 Reasons You Aren’t Successful With Brazilian Women, Brazilian men are aggressive.

Your woman may not be your woman for long if you aren’t physically present.

What Happens In Brazil, Stays In Brazil

My suggestion is to keep it simple and free of any promises. Whether you are there for a week or two months, there is a high probability that once you leave, the relationship will slow down until it completely halts.

But that doesn’t mean it was a failure. It was what it was.

There are plenty of other Brazilian women out there.

There Are Success Stories

There are always exceptions and I know there are guys who made it work. Dating a Brazilian woman is an experience that changes a man’s perspective on life and relationships.

If you can get past the jealousy, saudades aka longing, and the thousands of miles that separates you and that Brazilian woman, you can have a very loving and fulfilling relationship once you both reunite.

But the truth remains, try to avoid being gone for long.