The Biggest Mistake Made By Visitors Going To Brazil

Meet Justin.

Justin just arrived to Rio de Janeiro for the first time. He’s ecstatic.

First time visitors going to Brazil are in awe of the atmosphere when they land. They can’t believe they are really in the Marvelous City. The beaches are wonderful. The weather is warm and humid. The palm trees.

Rio is really a beautiful city.

Like many other men who want to visit Brazil, Justin wants to know what Brazilian women are like.

In barber shops and online communities across America, many men are told:

  • In Brazil, the women cook and clean for you 24/7.
  • You can be fat and ugly and still get dimes just because of your personality.
  • In Brazil, you can be a man. Very different from other places.
  • All you have to say is “Hello” and Brazilian women will be yours. They smile and are very friendly.


Many men visiting Brazil are eager to meet Brazilian women. They hear so much about the women in cities like Rio de Janeiro and want to see if it’s true.

Are Brazilian women really as great as they say?


In this drawing, Justin sees a young woman who is physically attractive to him.

He is finally getting his shot at talking to a Brazilian woman in Brazil. Being from America, Justin naturally speaks in English.

He knew Brazilians didn’t speak English as their native language but he didn’t think it was a big deal.

He’s been to a few other international cities and he got by just fine with English although he spent most of his time with his friends and hanging out on resorts with English-speaking employees.

Three months before his trip, Justin said, “I’ll study a little Portuguese before I go.”

Three months later and he didn’t even learn how to ask someone what their name is.

There is a high chance the woman does not understand what he just said. But he is still shooting his shot.


Oh no.

Justin’s face says it all.

The beautiful Brazilian woman doesn’t understand what he said. She responds with, “Huh, I didn’t understand. Bye!”

Justin isn’t happy with her response. She is running away from him since she can’t communicate with him in her language.


Justin is furious.

He can’t believe the woman just left. He doesn’t understand what she said.

Justin is frustrated. Everything he heard about Brazil was not confirmed in his first conversation with a Brazilian woman.

He expected her to understand what he said.

Actually, this exchange was the tipping point during Justin’s first day in Brazil. Justin has realized most Brazilians don’t speak English.

And talking to this Brazilian woman was the last straw.

He is angry with himself. He wishes he didn’t make the same mistake many visitors going to Brazil make.

The Mistake Visitors Going To Brazil Make


This article was inspired by a recent comment from a reader going to Brazil soon.

I know. I’m in several groups on facebook, i scour youtube for any videos pertaining to the country and culture and I even have a couple of female friends from Brazil. I don’t want to go over there like many guys and be just a tourist that doesn’t speak the language at all. I like being able to go somewhere and get around fairly unfettered. I enjoy seeing the real culture, not the touristy stuff that people that don’t take the time to learn the language are stuck seeing and doing. Besides, I’m going to be travelling solo.

This guy gets it.

If you really want to have a great time in Brazil, you should learn Portuguese.

I’ve written plenty articles about it already. But this comment needed to be made public. If you are the type of visitor going to Brazil who doesn’t want to be limited to the tourist attractions and Copacabana then learning Portuguese is a must.

A lot of men go to Brazil and think they can get by with English or Spanish. Of course you can visit another country without speaking the language at all.

But would it really be everything you wanted?

Would you be able to talk to everyone you want to talk to?

It’s very annoying talking to someone who doesn’t understand anything you say right? Imagine how Brazilians feel when visitors going to Brazil know zero Portuguese.

You should at least learn the basics.

You have to put in the time and effort to study.

If you are interested in talking to Brazilian women like many guys are then it’s mandatory.

Or you will end up like our friend Justin.

How To Learn Brazilian Portuguese

It takes time. I recommend setting at least three months aside to learn basic Portuguese. You want to know how to order food, ask for directions, count from one to one hundred, etc.

Check out this article about how to learn Portuguese using a specific goal: How To Set A Language Goal & Learn Portuguese

Read this article for my top language resources for Portuguese: Learn Portuguese With This One Book

And if you are really serious about speaking Portuguese, read this article and check out Semantica-Portuguese: Semantica Portuguese: The #1 Online Course For Brazilian Portuguese

The Choice Is Yours

A lot of visitors going to Brazil won’t take the time to learn the language. They don’t think it’s necessary. Or they plan to stick to tourist friendly locations.

Well, the choice is yours. Do you plan on being a tourist or a real traveler?



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