Vaping in Rio De Janeiro

Brazil has had anti-smoking laws in several states for the last twenty years.  In 2011, Rio de Janeiro cracked down hard on the smoking populace to reduce the number of tobacco related deaths each year.  Currently, smoking is banned in any indoor public place.  This include restaurants, clubs and bar, that were hit the hardest.  How does this affect the vaping community? Read on to find out.

The full law goes deeper than just banning cigarettes.  It affects the whole tobacco industry, from advertising, to imports, to packaging.  Smokers are only allowed to do so in their own homes, open air parks, and soccer stadiums with open areas.  A few other areas made the cut, but by and large, it is deeply frowned on.  The law imposes warning labels on one side and the complete back of packaging.  The penalty against these rules is heavy fines.

Vapes are viewed as a tobacco product in Brazil and are thusly categorized much the same.  This means that the import, sale, and marketing of many of the products you need to vape will simply not be available.  The possession and use portions are not banned, but if you are on holiday, you may want to be aware of the above laws.  If you do choose to vape, make sure that it is in well ventilated outdoor areas and away from the public eye.  Yes, make sure to vape out of the purvey of law enforcement, or you could be in for a rude awakening.

This does not mean that head shops do not exist.  There are a few in and around major establishments.  However, these are generally heavily regulated and have very short hours of operations.  The fact is, if you are traveling on holiday, finding replacement parts or vape juice could be difficult.  It may take time and effort to get to some of these locations, plus there are some heavy negative connotations for vaping.  If you do manage to find the equipment  you are looking for, be prepared to pay a premium for them.

The alternative recommendation would be come prepared.  Plan out your trip accordingly.  If you plan on being there for a week, bring a bottle of juice and an extra coil.  Make sure that everything is broken down and separated in your bag with clear labels.  There should not be any problems with this method, but keep in mind, the overall view point of smoking and vaping is negative.  It could boil down to local law enforcement interpretation of the rules.

Overall, Brazil is one of the leading countries in the world with strict tobacco laws.  While vaping is not exactly in that realm, the law holds its own interpretation.  If you are a vaper, many of the south American and middle American countries have joined this bandwagon.  It may pay to play it safe and follow the recommendation.  This will at least save you money on your trip.  The last alternative would be to find a different vacation spot.