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Brazilian Women Need You To Take The Lead

brazilian women

What’s up man,

Are you fed up with the “friend zone”?

Don’t you wish American women stopped shouting to the mountain tops about how bad they want a nice guy, but they always get with trifling thugs?

You know the ones I mean:

The no-good men who treat them terribly, break their hearts and the only man expected to pick up the pieces is you.

Millions of frustrated men are beginning to travel overseas for dating and relationships.

A lot of nice guys ask me if Brazil is like the United States.

  • Do Brazilian women like nice guys?
  • Do Brazilian women care about looks?
  • Can you meet a serious partner or just have fun?

You might have the same questions and wonder why you can’t find a great, beautiful woman. Well – it may not be your fault.

The Truth

What if you will never find the woman of your dreams until you date a woman in a foreign country like Brazil?

Time is ticking and dating in America is only getting worse.

It’s 2017 and you have to take action.

Rio is about to get flooded.

Not by massive amounts of rain.

But by millions of men like you and me.

Competition will be greater than ever:

  • The Summer Olympics put millions of eyes on the Marvelous City
  • Thousands of men finally purchased a passport – and the freedom to see the rest of the world.
  • More men discovered they have OPTIONS and don’t have to settle for painful dating choices.

While it’s great more men are visiting Brazil…….it also means more men in Brazilian clubs, bars and parties chasing the women who should be chasing YOU.

One guy told me to STOP talking about Brazil.

He said, “I love the blog but keep Brazil a secret so dudes stop coming.”


It’s too late for that.

Before I was born – men knew about Brazil. The beautiful women, relaxing atmosphere and delicious food.

As time passes, more men will visit paradise and Brazilian women will have way more men chasing after them.

It will never end.

You can skip Brazil and visit other countries. You definitely shouldn’t just travel to Brazil your whole life. The world is tremendous and has lovely ladies in abundance.Although, Brazil has a special place in my heart and is my 2nd home (I haven’t been to another place yet with so many friendly, sexy women).


You can be better than the competition.

You can STAND OUT from the average man.
It’s no longer good enough to just be a typical foreign man who treats women right.
  • You have to know the differences between real, honest Brazilian women vs. the women who just want to milk your bank account, sending you back home with an empty wallet
  • You have to know what Brazilian women like and want in real men so you won’t get rejected
  • You have to know how to flirt in simple Portuguese that any guy can learn, but most don’t because of laziness

Most guys have no clue how to do any of these things and they end up alone in Rio unless they pay for it.

The guys who talk about dating Brazilian women a lot but you never see them with one. Or if you do, you see him with another man’s woman.

If you are like me, you don’t like sharing women.

You can easily get the Brazilian women you want and stand out from other men in Rio.

Every month, more and more men beat the competition in Brazil with the help of my book, Become The Man Brazilian Women Want.

If you feel like you are that type of guy, read on.

Now – You Have Two Options

Option 1 – You ignore this message:

Ignore that feeling deep in your soul and continue a life where women are frustrating and don’t treat you the way you should be treated.

You have one life – and you can waste it being alone or even worse, spending it with the wrong woman who can ruin you emotionally and financially. You can do that if you want to but you know what you’re doing now isn’t working.

Option 2 – Or you can stop dating the wrong women:

You can take one simple action that can change your dating life forever.

Thousands of men have dated and fell in love in Brazil after years of pain and agony chasing the wrong women.

Read below and discover the truth about dating in Brazil and how nice guys (like you and me) can and do win when they know what Brazilian women want and need.

Why get frustrated and waste time trying to figure out Brazilian women?

The hard work is already done for you…


TRUTH: Brazilian women are more turned on when a man understands her culture, basic customs and life values. Being able to connect with Brazilian women is the single most important thing you can do if you want a Brazilian girlfriend.

Introducing “Become The Man Brazilian Women Want: The Official Guide To Dating In Brazil

  • LINE UP 10 OR MORE DATES IN BRAZIL ONLINE – RIGHT NOW – 90% of men STILL don’t understand online dating. Be the 10% that does. You can master online dating in Brazil and schedule 10 or more women before you get there.
  • FIND OUT THE 4 TYPES OF BRAZILIAN WOMEN – Do you think all Brazilian women are the same? Don’t make the mistake of approaching Brazilian women the wrong way. After you read Chapter 3 – you’ll know the 4 general types of Brazilian women and HOW to talk to them.


These 10 Commandments in Chapter 6 are so effective – I ignore A LOT of Brazilian women now.

1) The first commandment may be the most crucial of them all – it can make or break your trip in Rio

2) Too many male travelers go to Rio without this – you will fail with Brazilian womenunless you truly believe in this commandment

3) Options play an extremely important part in having success in Brazil – find out how to increase your dating prospects easily

4) This commandment killed the cat – but it will make you in high demand with more women than you can handle in Brazil

5) The fastest way to meet Brazilian women is explained – you will maximize your dates in Brazil 10x if you follow this rule

6) You WILL get rejected in Brazil – but this principle will help you quickly get over it and meet women who want you as much as you want them

7) If you don’t follow this – you will miss every chance you get in Brazil. Don’t miss your chance.

8) This rule will turn any man into THE man in Brazil. Every successful man on Earth follows this commandment

9) Time is crucial in Brazil. If you waste your time with the wrong woman, you will waste your trip. Find out how to NOT waste your time.

10) Many men will tell you this commandment is even more important than commandment #1. You decide that for yourself.


Do you think Brazilian women are out of your league? Or too difficult to talk to?

Did other guys tell you that you can only get with Brazilian prostitutes?

After this chapter – there is no way you will believe any of the questions above.

  • PICK A BRAZILIAN CITY BASED ON YOUR TASTE IN WOMEN –Every Brazilian city is different with its own flavor. Just like Brazilian women. Do not go to the wrong city and waste your time. Read Chapter 4 – Region Matters – and discover which Brazilian city you should go to.
  • INTERRACIAL DATING – HOW DOES YOUR RACE AFFECT YOUR GAME? If you are a black or white man – you definitely want to find out how Brazilian women treat you based on your race. Race and dating are extremely connected – even in a racially mixed country like Brazil. Find out how race strongly affects the dating world in Brazil and what you can expect because of it.

  • KNOW THE 5 SECRET SIGNS OF GRINGO CHASERS – Golddiggers are everywhere – from America to Thailand. Learn how to spot one in BRAZIL. This chapter may save you thousands of dollars and years of your life. Don’t date the wrong Brazilian woman.
  • GET THE WINNING MINDSET FOR DATING IN BRAZIL – You will not have success with Brazilian women unless you know what personality attracts them. Find out what it takes to get Brazilian women with your natural personality.



Learn the #1 strategy on how to dominate it and get 10 or more phone numbers in less than 2 weeks before your trip.

Tinder is the #1 dating app in Brazil.

You can potentially meet hundreds of Brazilian women from the convenience of your phone.




If you can make a Brazilian woman laugh – you are in.

You don’t have to be fluent in Portuguese to flirt in it. You just have to know the right words and phrases to make Brazilian women laugh.

Find out how to make them laugh in the bonus book – Flirt In Portuguese: Phrasebook For Men.

  • THE #1 QUESTION YOU NEED TO ASK YOUR BRAZILIAN GIRLFRIENDBut wait – it’s not over yet. You have to know how to pick the RIGHT Brazilian girlfriend. After 4 years, I’ve discovered the only question you need to ask. This 1 question is worth 10 years of alimony – but you’ll find out about it for just…..


For just $15 $7 (limited time, regular price $25), you will discover everything about Brazilian women that takes 95% of men years to learn and understand – usually after their wallets are empty.

Summary of what you get:

The “Become The Man Brazilian Women Want” eBook (valued at $15.00):
Part 1 – Mindset
  • Introduction
  • How To Get Over Fear Of Rejection
  • How To Let Go Of Negative Energy (And Women)
Part 2 – Brazilian Women
  • Are Brazilian Women Overrated?
  • Region Matters
  • Interracial Dating In Brazil
  • Gringo Chasers
Part 3 – Game
  • The 10 Commandments Of Attracting Brazilian Women
  • Where To Meet Brazilian Women
  • How To Flirt With Brazilian Women
  • How To Crush Online Dating In Brazil
  • The 100% Sure-Fire Way To Hook Up In One Week
  • How To Pick The Right Brazilian Girlfriend
  • Conclusion



Bonus – How To Flirt In Portuguese (valued at $10.00 but free for you) – you’ll discover:

  • Four key verbs to persuade a woman
  • Portuguese hacks to get you talking fast
  • Filler words to help you keep the conversation going
  • The most powerful verbs you need to flirt
  • Portuguese skills for guys who REALLY want to be successful
  • Brazilian women interviews

Learn exactly what Brazilian women want – straight from them.


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