Having Trouble Learning Portuguese? Here’s Why

You are having trouble learning Portuguese.

  • You know the most common verbs.
  • You practice at least 10 minutes a day.
  • You know enough vocabulary words to talk (even if you don’t realize it yet).
  • You listen to your Pimsleur audio tapes every morning while going to work.
  • You even know the conversations by heart now.


But – you still don’t understand what the hell Brazilians are saying.


And you have trouble making up sentences off the top of your head. Instead, you try to remember what Rosetta Stone told you to say.

This is a common problem.

And it’s a common reason many people quit learning Portuguese.

Don’t quit.

You can learn Portuguese.

The magic solution to your problem is:

You need to learn Portuguese by watching videos.


You Aren’t A Baby

So you won’t learn a new language like a baby, no matter what language learning companies advertise.

That’s not how adult brains work.

Adults need to ACTIVELY learn a language.

That means – when you study Portuguese:

  • Pay close attention to what Brazilians say
  • Go over new vocabulary terms they use
  • Take a new phrase and use it in conversations
  • Watch videos with the goal of understanding what Brazilians are saying


The big problem with audio-only is: you can’t see body language.


If you’ve spoken with another human being before, you understand the importance of body language. A person’s arms, legs, head and MOUTH tell you a lot about what they are saying to you.

Even if you don’t understand exactly what the person is saying, you can see if they are angry, sad or excited about what they are talking about.

And it helps you understand the conversation eventually.

So, watching Portuguese videos is mandatory. Stop having trouble learning Portuguese and use a video resource today.

Time is ticking. Are you learning Portuguese the fastest and most entertaining way?

*Movies and TV shows have their place too but when it comes to active learning – using an educational video course is superior to a movie or novela targeting native speakers.

Semantica Portuguese

The #1 resource for learning Brazilian Portuguese online.

  • The videos are high quality
  • Over 100 entertaining videos with more added each month
  • The video series have good actors and actresses
  • You feel like you are in Brazil before you get there

Oh. And it teaches you Brazilian Portuguese the way Brazilians speak it today! I recommend Semantica Portuguese for serious Portuguese learners.

You don’t need to know a lot of Portuguese to start because the online course has video series for every level – beginner, intermediate and advanced.

The only con for a few people is that it costs $20 a month. Cheaper than Pimsleur or Rosetta Stone but $20 too much for people looking for free resources.

But like it says in the video below: Semantica really breaks it down for you.

Easy Brazilian Portuguese

This is an interview style video channel. An interviewer walks around Brazil and asks people about a topic.

It’s a great resource and it’s free! However, it is not for true beginners of Portuguese and its primary purpose is to improve listening comprehension only.

I recommend this as a sidekick to Semantica Portuguese or the last resource below.

Brazil Pod

And finally Brazil Pod. This was the first or second video course I found back in 2012 when I started learning Portuguese.

I’d recommend this resource to college students who are looking for the best free resource out there. I can’t think of anything better and it complements a college class well.

There are 5 Brazil Pod projects:


If you aren’t a college student, you will have to be really motivated because Brazil Pod isn’t really for beginners, it’s not as detailed as Semantica and you don’t have access to help from the creators.

Brazil Pod

No More Trouble Learning Portuguese

These video resources for Brazilian Portuguese are the best I’ve come across online. You should have no trouble learning Portuguese if you put in the time and watch them.

Do you know anymore video resources you would add?