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The Tale Of 2 Men Who Went To Brazil

Two excited men decided to travel to Rio de Janeiro in the fall.

Both men were the same.

  • Between 25-40
  • Nice, hard-working guys
  • Average looks and height
  • Middle-class income
  • Intelligent
  • Not fluent in Brazilian Portuguese

They had fantasies of meeting hot Brazilian women who treated them like kings and followed their lead.

They wanted to experience the famous Rio de Janeiro nightlife and return to their home countries with legendary stories to tell.

Stories that would make their family and friends burn with jealousy and swear to the high heavens, promising to save their paychecks so they could party and relax in Brazil with sexy babes too.

These two lucky men traveled to Rio together.

But there was a tremendous difference.

One man had a life altering experience in Rio de Janeiro:

  • met beautiful, Brazilian women (so many he couldn’t spend time with them all)
  • gained new local friends who showed him around the marvelous city (even made business contacts)
  • improved his Portuguese while watching his Brazilian lady friends COOK and CLEAN for him
  • decided to make Brazil his second home and asked himself why it took him so long to visit the land of samba

The other man:

  • constantly ran into gold diggers
  • was scammed out of hundreds of dollars and treated unfairly
  • had trouble talking to Brazilians and spent all of his vacation on the beach (missing out on the best Brazilian women and parties)
  • was afraid of exploring the rest of the city because he didn’t understand the culture or language
  • hated the country and thought to himself, “these women are just like the rest”

What Made The Difference

If you are like me, you wonder why 2 men of equal looks, education and environments can have two totally different experiences in Brazil.

It’s not because one man is smarter or better looking than the other.

Or that one man wants to succeed with Brazilian women while the other wants to be tricked and robbed of his hard-earned cash and priceless time.

The difference is what one man knows and what the other man DOESN’T know.

One man knew what Brazilian women wanted while the other was ignorant and didn’t take the time to understand them before he hopped on the plane.

The Truth

TRUTH: Brazilian women are more turned on when a man understands her culture, basic customs and life values. Being able to connect with Brazilian women is the single most important thing you can do if you want a Brazilian girlfriend or wife.

The man who had more Brazilian women than he could handle – knew facts, truths and secrets the average male tourist doesn’t know.

And that’s what the book, Become The Man Brazilian Women Want, is all about – helping men traveling to Brazil, find what they want and deserve.


Become The Man Brazilian Women Want ( BTMBWW) is a 95 page, one of a kind book.

It’s the only book on dating in Brazil that goes deep into:

  • The different types of Brazilian women
  • Interracial dating in Brazil and racism
  • Which city you should visit based on your tastes in women
  • How to avoid Brazilian gold diggers and the signs needed to know if you are talking to one
  • If Brazilian women are overrated
  • The 10 Commandments of attracting Brazilian women
  • The most important question you have to ask a Brazilian woman before seriously dating her
  • The 5-Step Process to flirting in Portuguese without being fluent
  • And much more.

Become The Man Brazilian Women Want gives you all the information you need about dating in Brazil – so you are ready before you get there.

If you have never read this book, you cannot imagine how useful it will be for you in Brazil.

Most of the information in BTMBWW is not available anywhere else on the Internet.


Even if just one piece of information helps you get Brazilian women – you’ll be ahead of other men by years and thousands of $$$$.

Why settle for mediocre hookers everyday or suffer through an endless struggle of figuring out Brazilian women through multiple vacations – when you can get a wealth of knowledge on how to date Brazilian women easily right now.

Within seconds of a click.

I’d hate to see you struggle in Brazil.

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Summary of what you get:


The “Become The Man Brazilian Women Want” eBook (valued at $15.00):
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  • Introduction
  • How To Get Over Fear Of Rejection
  • How To Let Go Of Negative Energy (And Women)
Part 2 – Brazilian Women
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  • Interracial Dating In Brazil
  • Gringo Chasers
Part 3 – Game
  • The 10 Commandments Of Attracting Brazilian Women
  • Where To Meet Brazilian Women
  • How To Flirt With Brazilian Women
  • How To Crush Online Dating In Brazil
  • The 100% Sure-Fire Way To Hook Up In One Week
  • How To Pick The Right Brazilian Girlfriend
  • Conclusion


Bonus – How To Flirt In Portuguese (valued at $10.00) – you’ll discover:

  • Four key verbs to persuade a woman
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  • Portuguese skills for guys who REALLY want to be successful
  • Brazilian women interviews

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7 Things You Must Do Before Going To The Olympics

Zika is ruining everything..

The world (at least in the states ) is afraid of Brazilian mosquitoes.

What will happen to the Rio Olympics?

Will people not show up? Are plane tickets, apartments and Olympic events being canceled at a rapid pace?

Will the USA Basketball team play without their biggest stars? At the time of this article, these are a few key NBA players who have dropped out thus far:

  • Stephen Curry
  • Russell Westbrook
  • James Harden
  • Chris Paul
  • John Wall

Damn! Damn! Damn!

On a more serious note, the Rio government just asked for emergency help for the world event.

Shit… just… got… real.

This WAS NOT how I envisioned the Olympics a few years ago.

Are The 2016 Olympics Doomed?

For many, the answer is yes.


The Olympics Will Be Terrible

These people probably said the same about the 2014 World Cup and we all know how that turned out.

If you are a rational person, the answer might be “it could be bad or it could be good”.

Simply put, we just don’t know until August 5th gets here.

No one has a crystal ball predicting the future. Some “experts” say the Zika virus is the real deal and people should not visit Brazil this year.

Other “experts” – like the ones in that CNN video above – say the chance of visitors getting Zika is practically 0%.

Unfortunately, it seems like most cases of Zika are only affecting the poor. But with winter arriving, the cases should continue to decline.

Not that’s good news.

So – if you are headed to Rio this Brazilian winter, how should you prepare before going to the Olympics?

I’m going to list the top 7 I recommend to anyone who wants to have a great time in Rio during the biggest sporting event in the world.

Game on.

1) Learn Portuguese

I’ve written many articles about it. I even created a free eBook with the best tools to get your Portuguese working ASAP.

The biggest reason this is numero 1 on the list and essential to your trip being the best it can be is: Rio de Janeiro will be flooded with tourists.

I’m sure you want to stand out a bit, in a good way.

With English and Portuguese under your belt, you might get opportunities others won’t get. You’ll understand conversations and signs others will be ignorant to.

Trust me when I say, it’s extremely important knowing what strangers around you are talking about.

Before going to the Olympics, check out these articles.

2) Book An Apartment

If you haven’t booked an apartment yet, I don’t know what to say.

Thou shalt not stay in a hotel. Never, never ever, never ever ever.

Instead, you stay in an apartment.


But why Shad – why not a hotel?????

You don’t stay in a hotel my friend – because they have RULES and they are OVERPRICED.

  1. NO VISITORS (aka no lady/boy friends over)
  2. They are smaller than apartments
  3. They are filled with staff, tourists, security aka no damn privacy
  4. You are one of many hundreds of hotel guests that week – you don’t matter if something is wrong


Wow, you’re right Shad – so where do I stay?

I can only recommend two apartment services – take your pick.

1. Airbnb – You are probably familiar with the name. They have tons of apartments around the world. I recommend Airbnb if you are staying outside of the typical Copacabana/Ipanema area.

2. Rio Beach Rentals – I’ve stayed with them twice in Rio de Janeiro. They have an awesome selection of apartments with great prices. I recommend them if you want a professional service. Tell them Rio In A Week sent ya.

3) Connect With Brazilians Online

You gotta make friends BEFORE going to the Olympics.

Sounds simple right? But too many people head to the country and they don’t know anyone from the place.

Or they just plan to hang out with their homies the WHOLE trip while boozing and snoozing.

Let me fill you in on something – a Brazilian can introduce you to waaaaaaaaaay more fun and interesting clubs, parties, events, etc.

How do you make friends before you get to Brazil?

  • You use a language exchange app like HelloTalk
  • You join Facebook groups where Brazilians hang out
  • You LEARN Portuguese online

4) Get In Shape

If you’ve read enough of my articles on here, you know I’m a big supporter of getting in shape.

I don’t care how old you are, how much time you DON’T have or what little money you do have – health is always at the top of the list.

Without health, nothing else matters.

You are working to pay future medical bills.

With that said, being in shape will make your trip to Brazil 100x better.

Recently, my friend told me about an older guy he knows who lives in Central America. He has all the money he needs to live where he wants, how he wants.

But at the age of 60, he just can’t do the things he used to do. He can’t climb the hills and mountains he wants to climb when he travels.

After a few minutes, he needs to rest.

Don’t go to Rio de Janeiro and miss the chance to experience the natural beauty of the city.


Exploring a city by foot is the best way to really feel it


You need stamina for that.

So before going to the Olympics, check out my article about how to get in shape using kettlebells.

5) Stop Watching The News

The news is created to get the biggest ratings.

It’s not the truth. It’s not to inform you on what’s really going on.

It’s main purpose is “How do we get people to tune in and talk about our network”

Yes – Rio could have done a better job at preparing for the Olympics and spending their money but the city is not nearly as drama-filled as the news likes to show.

Anyone who has been to Rio knows this.

The news will only make you afraid of Brazil.

6) Work On Your Basketball Skills

Brazilians can hoop.

Let me tell you a story about how I found this out in Sao Paulo (the hometown of Brazilian NBA player Leandro Barbosa – I actually seen him on a flight to Rio once).

So – I was in Sampa with my friend Paulo and he asked me if I wanted to hoop with his boys on Saturday.

I was like, “Sure, I’m in.”

Now, I’m not the biggest NBA fan and I don’t play basketball that much anymore. But I grew up playing ball so I have the necessary skills for a decent performance most American dudes have.

We travel to his neighborhood in Artur Alvim in the East Zone.

His friends are there warming up and I realize I’m the shortest dude there.


It was like 85 degrees during Sao Paulo’s “winter” season.

So, we play a couple of games and I do okay. I won a game for my squad with a 15 footer and had a few steals but I was clearly NOT the best player on the court.

There was one dude – not in the picture – who was killing it.

He was like 6’0, fast, could shoot, he had handles. I could tell he AT LEAST played college ball. And I was right.

WARNING: If you go to Rio and find yourself in a basketball game – the Brazilians who are playing, are probably quite good.

It makes perfect sense. In the land of soccer – for a Brazilian to choose basketball over futebol, it must mean he is pretty damn good at the sport and plays it religiously.

7) Subscribe To Rio In A Week

And if you haven’t already – before going to the Olympics..

Women Shouldn’t Travel To Brazil Alone Unless…

“Hey – do you need help?”

I was on the big, blue bus headed to Rocinha during a humid, summer afternoon in Rio.

I overheard three women travelers figuring out how to get to their destination.

“Oh yes! We do. Does this bus go to Ipanema?” a girl with brown, curly hair replied.

“Yeah, you’re on the right bus, what street do you need?”

I discovered the women were from Israel and they were in Rio for vacation. They didn’t speak any Portuguese, but they seemed to be doing just fine. They were excited to hit the sandy beach.

I gave them a bit of advice on how to navigate Brazil and told them farewell as they left the bus.

They didn’t ask me how safe Brazil was for them – they were already in the country and ready for action.

But, its a common question.

Guys ask me all the time:

“Shad, is it safe to travel to Brazil?”


These are grown men who are worried about their safety.

So, it’s not surprising women ask the same question.

Should You Travel To Brazil Alone As A Woman?

Recently, I received an email from a woman headed to Brazil next year.

She wanted to know “Is Brazil safe for a woman traveling alone?”

First, I respect women who want to travel to Brazil without a friend. It is very bold and it takes a lot of courage to travel alone.

Many people won’t go to the movie theater without someone by their side.

Now – I’m obviously not a woman. My travels to Brazil alone are different from a woman’s experiences.

BUT – I’ve met plenty of women in Brazil who arrived alone. And they did what every woman should do before traveling to Brazil.

Usually – these women were volunteers for English schools so that means:


They Connected With People Before They Arrived


That’s Rule Numero 1 ladies.

You must connect with people before you head down.

It’s easier to get around and you’re less worried when someone is waiting for you to arrive. The scariest part of traveling to another place by yourself is not knowing anyone.

Brazil becomes less scary when you have friends already.

Trust me.

So – how do you meet people before you get to Brazil?



Facebook is the new Yellow Pages.

It’s a great way to connect with businesses, old friends and potential friends.

Use it before you head to Brazil.

On Facebook, you have these little communities called GROUPS. There are thousands of groups on Facebook about anything.

Like going to Brazil or learning Portuguese.


HelloTalk is a great way to connect with Brazilians while exchanging language tips.

It’s a smart phone app available on iPhone and Android.

I wrote a review article about it – click here to read it.

Basically – The Entire Damn Internet

The Internet is at your disposal.

Once, I emailed an English school in Sao Paulo before visiting. I didn’t know a soul in the biggest Brazilian city. But when I got there – I already had friends.

So – you can use email to connect.

You can also comment on blogs like this one.

The young lady who asked me about traveling to Brazil is now going to have friends in the country before she even arrives.

More Safety Tips For Travel To Brazil

  • Only use public transportation to populated areas: Getting lost in Brazil can be scary. Use your phone GPS to make sure you are going the right direction. Check out my article here to get a cheap SIM card for your smart phone.
  • Clothing: From my experience, you can wear what you like in Brazil. There is no strict dress attire.
  • Don’t take drinks from people you don’t know: Common sense, but some people get caught up in the moment. Keep an eye on your beverage.
  • Keep money hidden: By habit when I go out – I keep at least $20 in my shoe. Don’t flash cash – obviously.
  • Stay confident: Bad people pick on others they sense are weak or scared. Always keep your head up. Speak firmly.
  • Learn a little Portuguese: If you want to have a great time in Brazil – it’s beneficial to learn a bit of Portuguese so you can experience things the average tourist won’t. Check out my #1 resource for learning Portuguese by clicking here.
  • Have a reliable friend for “one of those nights”: You might have one of those nights where you drink a little too much. That’s when a good social circle comes in. We all need people we can trust to keep an eye on us.
  • Do your own research: It’s always smart to have a basic understanding about what you are doing or where you are going. Read up on the areas/places you want to visit in Brazil and take notes.
  • Scan and save your documents and keep the files in your email. Don’t keep your passport on you. One of my friends visited the United States. He kept his passport in his backpack while he was in the library. He stepped away from his belongings for a quick second and when he returned – you guessed it. His backpack was gone. So, leave it hidden in your apartment/motel.

Overall, being a solo woman traveler in Brazil is fun and exciting. The women I know fell in love with the country.

What tips would you give to a woman who wants to travel to Brazil alone?