The Worst Dating Advice For Brazil

I came across this website called Beauties Of Brazil today.

On the site, the writer gives advice on what to do on the first date with a Brazilian woman. Here are a few main points:

“If you are not rich, be honest to her in your pre-dating communication. That may save you from later misunderstandings. So if you spoil her, buy things for her and take her to expensive restaurants, make her understand that this is not your normal way of living.”

“If you are inviting a Brazilian woman to a restaurant for a meal, make sure the restaurant is a high end place.”

“Always dress on the extreme end as Brazilians always dress nicely and the women dress sensually no matter the meeting is a personal one or to discuss business.”

“When you have communicated on the net, and you think you may have found the right lady for yourself, we recommend you to go to Brazil and meet her and her family.”

Okay, I think that’s enough bad advice to share.

dating advice for brazil

The Worst Dating Advice For Brazil

I don’t know who the writer is for Beauties Of Brazil, but that might be the worst piece of advice for dating in Brazil I’ve seen online.

Now, I’m going to give him some slack because he doesn’t sound like a native English speaker. But bad advice is bad advice.

When it comes to dating, men can’t risk doing the wrong things. How many guys do you know who were taught lies and misconceptions about dating women and now they are bitter after years of getting played?

I’ve come across plenty. So I know how important dating advice is. This article is about making sure you know what NOT to do while dating in Brazil.

Don’t Spoil Her

If you fight urges of wining and dining women you like, please take this advice. What does trying to impress a woman with money on the first date mean?

  • Bringing her a gift or flowers. What the hell?
  • Taking her to an expensive restaurant. You hardly know the woman.
  • Buying an expensive outfit thinking it makes you look better. Probably doesn’t.

The worst dating advice for Brazil is trying to spoil a Brazilian woman you don’t know well.

She will look at you as a desperate loser or as a wealthy man she can take advantage of. I’ve actually seen guys ask questions about whether they should send money to a Brazilian woman.

I can’t make this stuff up.

If you have to spend a lot of money for a woman to enjoy her time with you, she doesn’t like you. She likes your money.

Just leave your credit card on the dinner table and go home. Do not try to impress Brazilian women with money.

Skip The Dinner Date

I know some of my readers are older, so they grew up during the era when dinner dates and movies were great first dates.

But it’s going into 2016. Times have changed and dinner dates are not the best way to get to know a woman. Actually, some of the worst dating advice for Brazil would be to go to a restaurant.


Most of you don’t speak Portuguese well enough to have a great conversation with your date. The night would be boring and awkward.

In America, I’ve done a lot of hookah bar dates. It’s a sexy atmosphere, it has alcoholic beverages and the couches are set up so your date is sitting right next to you and not across a table as if it’s a business meeting.

And it’s affordable. A hookah usually is under $20 and it lasts for +2 hours.

Brazil has hookah too. But if you don’t smoke, you can’t go wrong with a boteco for drinks. If you don’t drink, drink water while your date does. If your date doesn’t drink, cancel and find a woman who does.

Don’t Overdress

I really don’t know what the writer at Beauties Of Brazil was getting at with this piece of advice. Brazilians don’t dress on the extreme side from my experience. Especially in Rio de Janeiro.

It’s too hot to wear a lot of layers of clothes and it’s a beach culture. People are laid back and carefree. You won’t see too many people dressed up.

If you follow my advice, you would be at a small boteco having drinks with your date. You definitely don’t need to put on anything extravagant.

The Ultimate Worst Advice For Dating In Brazil Goes To…

Don’t fly to Brazil just to see a woman.

Unless she is Katiely Kathissumi.

If you’ve chatted with Katiely over the Internet for a few weeks and she asks you to come see her, I understand.

But if it’s not her, then you should never buy a plane ticket to go see a woman you don’t know. Visiting Brazil should always be more than just wanting to meet women.

It’s a beautiful country with so much to offer besides the women. Don’t let negative people convince you that Brazil is just about women.

And when you first meet a woman, avoid her family. Actually, you should be very suspicious if you just meet a woman and she wants to introduce you to her people.

Brazilians take family seriously. If she hardly knows you and wants you to meet her mother, run for the hills. She is up to something.

That’s about it.

The site mentioned in this post is here: Beauties Of Brazil

It’s filled with some pretty bad dating advice for Brazil for your reading pleasure. I don’t recommend reading it outside of wanting a good laugh.

For great, expert advice about how to date Brazilian women, read this post instead: Brazilian Women Secrets