The Best Time To Go To Brazil Is Now

A simple quote by the late martial artist Bruce Lee; yet so many people make this mistake in life.

We tend to think we have all the time in the world to mark things off our to-do lists. We procrastinate and talk about our dreams and aspirations, almost to the point where it begins to sound comical to others.

Have you talked about doing something for years, but you still haven’t gotten around to it?

The Brazilian Dreamers – All Talk, No Action

best time to go to brazilI’ve come across a lot of great guys online and off who love Brazil just as much as me. They have an interest in the culture, food and most of all, the Brazilian people. I enjoy conversing with them and sharing our experiences with each other.

But there are also some guys who haven’t been to Brazil, talk about Brazil continuously, yet they haven’t put one foot forward to actually visiting.

You have to be honest with yourself.

Are you really trying to visit Brazil in the near future? Do you have a real interest in going to Brazil? Not superficial reasons that can be fixed with a simple solution in your current city.

For example, I know some guys whose main purpose for wanting to visit Brazil is because of the women. Now, I know some of you might be having trouble with the women in your country and you hear all of these great things about Brazilian women.

Let me be the one to tell you, if you are having trouble with women in your country, it’s not a guarantee you will have great success with Brazilian women. They are women too.

Just my opinion.

But no matter what, don’t be a Brazilian dreamer. Whatever reason you have for visiting Brazil, get up and go.

The Best Time To Go To Brazil

The best time to go to Rio is RIGHT NOW. Don’t put it off. Plan to go to Rio this week, this month, this year.

The earlier you plan to go, the faster you will actually make it happen.

Don’t have a lot of money? Plan for a trip to Rio in 3 months and start working towards that goal RIGHT NOW. And lucky for you, it hasn’t been this cheap to travel to Brazil in years!

After a quick Google search for flights from Washington D.C. to Rio for August and September 2015, I found these prices:

These aren’t bad prices. They fluctuate depending on the time and date too, so I’m sure you can find even better prices when you search.

You can find similar flights from most major cities in the U.S. We all have different financial situations, but I KNOW most guys can save $150-200 every month for a plane ticket to Brazil.

Look at what you are spending money on each week outside of the necessities like rent, gas, food, etc. Then cut out those expenses for a couple of months and see how much money you saved.

Plus, your trip to Brazil can be very affordable. Check out my earlier post on 9 Tips To Save A Ton Of Money Visiting Brazil for a few ideas on how to save cash while still having a blast in Rio.

The best time to go to Brazil is this year. The Brazilian economy is tanking. According to The Rio Times, prices in Rio de Janeiro are falling back to reality.

“It seems the time has come, the country’s fortunes have turned a corner and the stronger dollar, recession like economy and falling real estate prices makes it a much more appealing place for foreigners again. Granted most of the foreign oil industry has left and inflation is still burning hot, but it is still a better situation than it has been for most expats in Rio.

We have seen a drastic change in currency values over the last five years, when in 2010 the Brazilian real (BRL) had soared to an annual exchange rate of R$1.66 to US$1. In March 2015, the real continued a downward trend that started in April 2014, falling sharply against the U.S. dollar to hover around R$3.19 to US$1 today. A dollar is literally worth twice as much as five years ago in Brazil.”

For Brazilians, a weak economy is obviously bad news. I feel terrible for my Brazilian friends and people who are now unemployed or underemployed. But a weak real is great news for tourists, especially if your money is in euros or pounds.

Who knows how much weaker the real will become. All we know is that it’s a GREAT time to take advantage of it.

The 2016 Olympics

The Olympic Games is a world-wide event that can put a city on the map. Although it’s been documented that cities lose money hosting the Games, you could say the attention is worth the financial lost.

But here’s my thing about the Olympics being hosted in Rio.

Rio is already INTERNATIONALLY known. It’s a pretty popular city for people from the U.S., Europe and Australia.

It’s no New York City or London in terms of most visited, but when you say Rio de Janeiro, people know what you are talking about.

With that said, the city might gain even more tourists and more changes to its environment after the Games, so it’s really a good time to visit now.

If you ever talked to an old head whose been going to Brazil since the 80s or 90s, he will tell how much different the country is today.

He’ll rant about how much better it was, how cheap it was and how wonderful the women were back then.

I believe the veteran visitors. Countries change over time, especially now that technology has made the world smaller.

You can say that major cities like Rio and Sao Paulo are becoming more “Americanized” over the years. If you want the real Rio, you might want to visit before it’s too late.

If You Don’t Go To Brazil Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

The best time to go to Brazil is right now. Don’t put it off next year or the year after. If you are seriously interested in visiting Rio de Janeiro or other cities in Brazil, subscribe to the blog and I’ll send you a monthly newsletter of the best trip deals and local news coming out of Brazil.

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Brazil is not for everyone. It’s a great and beautiful country, but only for the person who is truly interested in knowing it.