The Tale Of 2 Men Who Went To Brazil

Two excited men decided to travel to Rio de Janeiro in the fall.

Both men were the same.

  • Between 25-40
  • Nice, hard-working guys
  • Average looks and height
  • Middle-class income
  • Intelligent
  • Not fluent in Brazilian Portuguese

They had fantasies of meeting hot Brazilian women who treated them like kings and followed their lead.

They wanted to experience the famous Rio de Janeiro nightlife and return to their home countries with legendary stories to tell.

Stories that would make their family and friends burn with jealousy and swear to the high heavens, promising to save their paychecks so they could party and relax in Brazil with sexy babes too.

These two lucky men traveled to Rio together.

But there was a tremendous difference.

One man had a life altering experience in Rio de Janeiro:

  • met beautiful, Brazilian women (so many he couldn’t spend time with them all)
  • gained new local friends who showed him around the marvelous city (even made business contacts)
  • improved his Portuguese while watching his Brazilian lady friends COOK and CLEAN for him
  • decided to make Brazil his second home and asked himself why it took him so long to visit the land of samba

The other man:

  • constantly ran into gold diggers
  • was scammed out of hundreds of dollars and treated unfairly
  • had trouble talking to Brazilians and spent all of his vacation on the beach (missing out on the best Brazilian women and parties)
  • was afraid of exploring the rest of the city because he didn’t understand the culture or language
  • hated the country and thought to himself, “these women are just like the rest”

What Made The Difference

If you are like me, you wonder why 2 men of equal looks, education and environments can have two totally different experiences in Brazil.

It’s not because one man is smarter or better looking than the other.

Or that one man wants to succeed with Brazilian women while the other wants to be tricked and robbed of his hard-earned cash and priceless time.

The difference is what one man knows and what the other man DOESN’T know.

One man knew what Brazilian women wanted while the other was ignorant and didn’t take the time to understand them before he hopped on the plane.

The Truth

TRUTH: Brazilian women are more turned on when a man understands her culture, basic customs and life values. Being able to connect with Brazilian women is the single most important thing you can do if you want a Brazilian girlfriend or wife.

The man who had more Brazilian women than he could handle – knew facts, truths and secrets the average male tourist doesn’t know.

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