Semantica Portuguese: The #1 Online Brazilian Portuguese Course

So You Wanna Learn Brazilian Portuguese?

A lot of people want to learn Brazilian Portuguese, but with conditions of course.

You’ll see people ask questions like:

  • What’s the fastest way to learn Brazilian Portuguese?
  • Is there an easy way to understand it?
  • What’s the cheapest way to learn Portuguese?
  • Is there anything that makes learning the language FUN & INTERESTING?

Unless you can live in Brazil and immerse yourself in Brazilian culture, there aren’t too many Brazilian Portuguese resources out there that make learning the language fun.

It’s a lot of hard work.

I’ve studied Portuguese on and off since 2011. I’ve done it all.

  1. Brazilian Portuguese college courses
  2. Rosetta Stone
  3. Pimsleur
  4. Duolingo
  5. Foreign Language Institute study materials
  6. Livemocha

And many more resources.

They all have their pros and cons. But there is one resource that helped me learn Brazilian Portuguese and stood out from the rest.

It was a game changer for me. And I think it will be the same for you.

This Brazilian Portuguese course was affordable, convenient, modern, effective and ENTERTAINING.

Semantica Portuguese’s YouTube description:

Your brain figures out a new language in two parts: rules analysis, and training (practice). The best way to get up-to-speed is to:

1) consult a grammar book to notice the patterns and rules structure

2) train your ear and brain through exposure to the language in-context

We’re the training part.

Semantica Portuguese: Learn Brazilian Portuguese

learn Brazilian Portuguese

Semantica is an online Brazilian Portuguese course that teaches the language through videos. But not just regular videos where the teacher is talking to you like a lecture.

These videos are mini movies!

There are two main video courses:

Series 1 & Series 2

And two Intermediate to Advanced video courses titled:

Advanced Dialogs & Street Dialogs

There are also music videos.

More on those later. Right now, let’s discuss the two main series.


Series 1

Series 1 teaches you:

  • Beginner level Portuguese (For tourism)
  • Useful vocabulary
  • The most important verbs & how to use them
  • The correct pronunciation of words

Main Features:

  • 36 videos/split in 3 units, each video teaches an important language skill
  • Downloadable videos (you can watch and listen to them anytime, anywhere)
  • Subtitles in English and Portuguese that can be turned off
  • Summary video of all 12 videos after each unit
  • Syllabus included with dialog


Series 2


I would personally subscribe to Semantica Portuguese just for this series. Actually, I did.

Before heading back to Sao Paulo in 2013, I was an early subscriber to Series 2 before it was even finished. I was that impressed with the course, I couldn’t wait.

Well lucky for you, it’s 100% complete and definitely worth the subscription now.

Series 2

The Story: Bianca is an aspiring fashion designer living outside of Rio de Janeiro. Becoming frustrated one day at work, Bianca decides to leave her small town. She moves to Rio to chase her dreams. The series follows Bianca’s journey in the Marvelous City.

Main Features:

  • Over 100 video lessons (split in 10 units)
  • Every video is broken down so you understand everything before continuing
  • Real life situations you WILL be in while visiting or living in Brazil
  • Pronunciation videos
  • Online tests
  • Visual grammar videos
  • Portuguese learning app

Street Dialogs

The first thing you will notice with the Street Dialog videos is how great the quality is. They are top quality and look great on a television, laptop or smart phone.

Each video has a subtitle option for English and Portuguese. There is also a dialog transcript breaking down useful phrases and vocabulary used in the video.

For example:


Sorry, there aren’t any Street Dialog videos to share. You will have to subscribe to Semantica Portuguese to watch them for yourself!

Semantica Portuguese subscription page

A few Street Dialog examples:

  • How to talk to a pretty girl at the gym and the beach
  • How to ask for directions
  • How not to look like a gringo in Copacabana!
  • How to use the very common term “mesmo”

At the time of this article, there are 25 Street Dialog videos and a new one is added every month.

Advanced Dialogs is an earlier advanced video series that helps increase your listening comprehension. The actors talk at their normal pace, so these videos are definitely for advanced students. They are pretty good and have subtitles in Portuguese and English.

Musicas are great videos that teach you Brazilian Portuguese through you guessed it, music. Memorizing songs is a great way to master pronunciation and the flow of a language.

Why You Should Take Semantica’s Course

There are three big reasons why I have recommended Semantica Portuguese over any other Brazilian Portuguese course for over 3 years.

1. It’s Modern

It’s 2016, not 1996. Language learning is evolving and we know how people learn best.

Through story-telling. Other language resources have tried to teach through stories but usually only through audio.

If you are a visual person like me, you will find out how much more entertaining Semantica Portuguese is compared to audio only courses. Semantica uses modern technology and teaches Portuguese through video.

You want to know how to speak in present-day Brazil.

The videos aren’t just set in modern-day Rio de Janeiro. The conversations are too. It’s real life Portuguese. Not the super formal Portuguese you learn in a traditional language class.

You want to talk to real Brazilians. So until you can get to Brazil, you want to be exposed to real Brazilians as much as possible.

Semantica Portuguese’s videos show you the real Brazil and how Brazilians really speak in 2016.


2. It’s Effective

The videos are professionally done. The subtitles and translations are correct. And over all.

There is a clear progression in the stories from understanding very little Brazilian Portuguese to understanding a lot of it.

Series 1 is for the true beginner. The conversations are basic and slowed down so you can hear every detail. Portuguese isn’t the easiest language to understand when you know nothing at all. So, Series 1 is a great course to start with and teaches you basic tourist Portuguese.

Series 2 will get you to the intermediate level in the quickest way possible if you are an advanced beginner. You will learn how to talk and understand Brazilian Portuguese in various real-life situations like: parties, the beach, the gym, the work place, restaurants, medical scenarios, emergency situations, etc. You will know everything you need after you complete and understand Series 2.

Street Dialogs will take you even further. These videos look great and they are just long enough so they don’t overwhelm you with too much new information. Advanced Dialogs are an earlier version of Street Dialogs. Musicas uses the universal language of the world to teach Portuguese as well.


3. It’s Affordable

  • Rosetta Stone Level 1-3-Brazilian Portuguese is $189
  • Pimsleur Brazilian Portuguese Level 1-3 – $350.00
  • A Valuable College Brazilian Course – Over $1,000
  • Semantica Portuguese – $20/month, $150 for 12 months or $300 for 5 years ($5/month)

And unlike many other Portuguese courses and products, Semantica is always releasing brand new material. They also give webcam lessons so you can practice speaking to a Brazilian.

It’s clear to me which option is best and gives you more bang for your buck.

Over 200 million people speak Brazilian Portuguese

Why don’t you?


You’re a busy person and you’re trying to figure out the best and easiest way to learn Portuguese.

You are an adult with responsibilities, so you aren’t going to naturally learn a language “like a baby”. You don’t have time to take an hour Portuguese class after work or school either.

Do you really want to take a Portuguese class and receive a difficult verb conjugation list like this from your professor?


Of course not. You want Portuguese explained in an easy way. And you’re smart enough to know listening to a 30 minute audio tape isn’t going to get you to an advanced Portuguese level.

No one becomes fluent in Portuguese studying 10 minutes a day.

Your time and money is valuable.

You don’t want to waste your hard-earned cash on outdated language learning products that use old teaching methods.

You want to go to Brazil and speak to people the way they really speak.

Whether you want to learn Brazilian Portuguese for leisure, cultural, dating or work reasons..

Semantica Portuguese will teach you how to speak it the right way.

Learn Brazilian Portuguese the right way. The right way is the only way.

Semantica Portuguese is:

  1. Affordable
  2. Convenient
  3. Modern
  4. Effective
  5. Entertaining

You won’t get bored or discouraged learning Brazilian Portuguese with this online course.

You will feel motivated.

Check out Semantica Portuguese for yourself and learn Brazilian Portuguese!

Click this link to sign up now!

Let me know what you think.