Brazilian Bae: The Premier Brazilian Dating App

This review is from Gawker about my brand new Brazilian dating app. I need you guys to support it and sign up. It’s free. Don’t just like this article. Join today!

Brazilian Bae: The Premier Brazilian Dating App

We’ve seen an increase in mobile dating apps such as Tinder, SoulSwipe and OkCupid. But for Shad, the creator of Brazilian Travel blog ‘Rio In A Week’, he realized that he didn’t see a lot of people who had the same interests like him on such popular dating apps.

“Where the Brazilian women at?” he asked himself.


A Danish word for poop. Also used by people on the internet who think it means ‘before anyone else’, baby, sweetie etc.

Shad created the mobile Brazilian dating app Brazilian Bae as a way to enhance the Brazilian dating experience. For Shad, he didn’t feel apps like Tinder promoted international dating and he wanted to set up something that allowed people who wanted to travel and date to connect.

“Other dating apps didn’t have enough Brazilian women on them so I decided to make my own. Brazilian women are waiting for guys to contact them on my Brazilian dating app. They are lonely dime pieces and can’t wait to talk to great guys from other places in the world.”


Dating can be extremely time-consuming, especially when you have a million things going on as most travelers do. Shad realized that online dating helped break down dating barriers, so a mobile dating app seemed like a brilliant way to deliver Brazilian Bae to men interested in dating Brazilian women.

Cletus, one of the beta testers on Brazilian Bae, had a mouthful to say about the dating app.

“I think the Brazilian dating app is good. I wanted an easier way to talk to Brazilian ladies and this is a service I use for that. My only problem with the app is that the Brazilian women don’t really look like the ones on the advertisements and sign up page.”

Real Brazilian Bae Users!!

Bakari is another beta tester and has an interesting take on the app.

“I liked the app a lot. A lot of the Brazilian ladies speak English. But a few of them keep calling me ‘baby’ before I even say hello. One woman messaged me and immediately asked me for $200. She seemed nice and I wanted her to keep talking to me so I sent it to her via Western Union.”

While the target audience is men interested in dating Brazilian women, Shad assures that anyone can use Brazilian Bae. Feel free to download the free app when it is available on iTunes and Google Play for Android.

So what’s next for Brazilian Bae?

This summer Brazilian Bae is hosting a series of “Brazilian style twerk parties” in U.S. cities with significant Brazilian populations like NYC, DC, Miami and Boston.

“Everyone knows that all Brazilian women are great dancers so I want to show that at my twerk parties. The tickets will be $50 at the door. I’m thinking about starting a GoFundMe account to pay for it too.”

In the hopes of being more than just a dating app, but also a brand, Shad plans on hosting speed dating events, pen pal workshops and language exchange dinners as another way to create matches and make waves between men and Brazilian women. This is just the beginning.

Would you try Brazilian Bae? Why or why not?

NOTE: This article was a joke……if you didn’t realize.

This article was inspired by a real dating app called Bae. Check out a real review of it here.


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