Ordering A Beer At Boteco In Copacabana

After doing a little people watching, you sit down at one of the many botecos and decide to get a beer to quench your thirst.

How do you ask the garçom or garçonete for a brew?


“Me da uma cerveja por favor” 

That’s it.

There are different sizes, but the most common size they will bring out is a 750ml.

The most popular Brazilian beers are Skol, Antarctica, Brahma and Itaipava. I recommend Skol.

How To Drink A Can Of Beer Like A Brazilian

There’s a funny thing you will notice while drinking a can of beer with Brazilians. They love to pour the beer in a glass instead of drinking it straight out of the can.

One night while hanging out in Lapa, I finally asked a Brazilian dude why do they drink beer like this:

“Hey, why do you guys pour the beer in a glass?”

He responded, “We don’t drink out of the can because we don’t know what kind of rats and bugs have crawled all over the top of it my friend.”

That was the moment I started drinking beer in a glass.

Other Ways To Order A Beer

“Uma cerveja por favor”

“Pode me trazer uma cerveja garçom?”

“Eu posso ter uma cerveja?”


  • boteco – pub
  • garçom/garçonete – waiter/female waiter
  • Me da uma cerveja por favor – Give me a beer please
  • Uma cerveja por favor – A beer please
  • Pode me trazer uma cerveja garçom? – Can you bring me a beer waiter?
  • Eu posso ter uma cerveja? – Can I have a beer?