How To Master Online Dating In Brazil

Online Dating In Brazil

Online dating in Brazil is easy when you

1. Know which dating sites to use and

2. Have an online dating strategy to maximize your success with women.

I always hear about OkCupid and Plenty Of Fish when it comes to the hot websites for American dating.

What about international dating, specifically in Brazil?

I’ll make it simple for you. Forget about Badoo and Brazil Cupid. Focus on these three online platforms.

Tinder uses your location to show women in your area. If you have an iPhone, you will have to buy Tinder Plus to use their Passport feature which allows you to change your location to anywhere in the world. Android users can use special apps to change their phone’s location.

I’ve had Whatsapp for a few years now and I owe it all to Brazil for introducing me to this cool app. It’s an instant messenger that allows you to send texts, voice messages and pictures to anyone in the world who has the app granted you have their phone number in your contacts. Most Brazilians I know have this app because many of them have a prepaid cell phone plan that uses minutes for texts. This app is mandatory so download it. It’s not a dating app but it’s used like one.

I’m a daily Facebook user. There are millions of people with a Facebook account and it won’t slow down. Its influence in other countries is steadily growing especially in Brazil. I would suggest looking at Facebook if you want to converse with Brazilian women overseas before your planned trip. It’s a great way to see her lifestyle and take a
peek at her friend’s list.


  • Never focus on one woman. It is a recipe for disaster and women tend to notice when you have no options. You don’t want to spend a month messaging a woman online only for her to flake when you land in Brazil. You should have a minimum of ten women you are keeping in contact with; I’d even say fifteen to better your chances at hanging out with the one you really want.
  • Sometimes you can talk to a woman online too soon and hurt your chances of meeting her when you get to Brazil. Usually, women will be down to meet you for about two weeks then the excitement will wear off – they will simply lose interest. I suggest not contacting anybody until about two weeks out from your trip.
  • Less is more in many cases and it can be applied to online dating or just dating period. Don’t tell your whole life story over the Internet. People imagine a lot of things about you when they aren’t exactly sure who you
    are, especially women. Be vague about your life, how long you will be in Brazil, why you will be in Brazil and just tell her enough that it piques her interest and makes her want to see you when you land.
  • Facebook and Tinder are always my #1 recommendations for online dating in Brazil. You can browse her not so flattering pictures she would never post on a dating site. And one thing about Facebook that traditional dating sites don’t have is the ability to see how a woman interacts with her family and friends; you get a better grasp of her personality and not the image she is trying to portray on a dating website.


  • Facebook is dominating the Brazilian social media audience, don’t ignore it.
  • Be vague and leave some mystery to yourself when you are going back and forth with women online. You want to keep their interest high and hopefully at its peak right before your arrival.
  • Whatsapp and Tinder are must-have apps to keep in contact. You can’t master online dating in Brazil without them.
  • Have options.

Tinder is popular in Brazil. You’ll find a wide range of Brazilian women on it of all ages. You must use Tinder before you step one foot in Brazil.


There are three big reasons why you want to use Tinder.

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