Miss Rio In A Week Final Round

Miss Rio In A Week Finals

Greetings fellas.

Thanks for everyone who voted in Round 1.

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The votes from Round 1 are in.

Below are our 5 Finalists for Miss Rio In A Week.

There is a poll at the end – vote for your #1 pick. The winner will be announced May 16th, 2016.

Before you see the Miss Rio In A Week finalists, check out the first round again for a refresher of the competition. A lot of lovely ladies didn’t make it.


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Let’s go..

Aline Bernardes

The Playmate

Priscila Freitas

The Bodybuilder

Lais Ribeiro

The Super Model

Raquel Villar

The Actress

Katiely Kathissumi

The Sex Symbol



Katiely Kathissumi