The Secret To Saving Your Marriage In Brazil

Picture this scenario…

It’s mid-2008 and you are broke in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

A few months ago, you decided to leave everything you had in the United States so you could be with your Brazilian girlfriend.

But life is not going as planned.

  • The value of your home took a nose dive because of the 2008 financial recession. You lost $70,000 in equity and can’t sell it.
  • Multiple trips to and from Brazil have depleted your savings: about $13,000 of your money is GONE.
  • Because of your beginner level in Portuguese, you can’t find a job in Brazil.

But worst of all – these financial problems are putting a massive strain on your relationship.

Without money to survive, you and your soon-to-be wife are forced to borrow money from family and friends.


No money leads to many arguments

The disagreements get so bad you think about canceling the wedding.

Being alone has to be better than arguing with a woman who isn’t your wife yet, right?

What do you do?

Perhaps, you do what Professor Neil Turner did since this is his story.

Despite the early struggles Professor Neil had while dating his wife in Bahia, his relationship survived.

Their money problems gradually went away with perseverance, hard work and faith.

They married the same year and Professor Neil was able to give a middle-class lifestyle to his wife.

The arguments were OVER and they lived happily ever after, right?

Not exactly.

The Secret To Saving A Marriage In Brazil

Despite their money woes no longer being present, Professor Neil and his wife began to argue AGAIN.

Neil had no idea what was going on.

This past year has been difficult in my relationship with my wife. We have passed through a period of intense quarreling and dissension. At first, I could not understand why this was happening when we both have a tremendous amount of love and respect for each other.

Yet, I began to understand that I had reached a level that revealed a darker side of the Brazilian culture – a side that repulsed me.

Professor Neil didn’t understand why the love of his life – his wife – was frustrated with her new lifestyle.

Not until he thought deeply about his wife’s upbringing, culture and perspective of life, did Neil finally begin to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Another interesting dynamic is that my wife is going through a period of transition.

As she moves closer to a middle class lifestyle (my English school is growing now, I am earning good money, our living condition has improved with a good amount of disposal income for things like new furnishings, better clothes, expensive travel, events, and she is no longer required to work) she is becoming more insecure.


Yet, Neil didn’t figure out the secret to saving his marriage in Brazil until one massive argument almost ended it.

After the disagreement, Neil stormed out of his home and walked to the beach to cool off. The turning point of Neil’s marriage and life in Brazil came to this moment.

That night, Neil discovered the powerful answer that would not only save his marriage in Brazil – but improve every aspect of his life in Salvador, Bahia.

Black American Men & Brazilian Women

Professor Neil Turner is an American anthropologist and has lived in Salvador for the past nine years.

Recognizing the growing interest among Black men about international dating, Turner decided to write a detailed book about not only his personal experiences marrying a Brazilian woman, but other important aspects of Brazilian society like:

  • The cultural differences between American society and Brazilian society
  • The various types of Brazilian women you will meet
  • Reasons why some Brazilian women/Black men seek relationships with foreigners
  • The importance of beauty in Brazil
  • How low-income Brazilians view dating and marriage
  • The politics of money in Brazil
  • How to move to Brazil

You should read this book if:

  1. You are a Black man and are interested in dating Brazilian women
  2. You want a thoughtful perspective of relationships between Brazilian women and foreigners
  3. You are currently dating a Brazilian woman and you want wisdom from a man who is married to one
  4. You are tired of reading about Brazilian women from guys who have only been with prostitutes and gold diggers
  5. You want to find out the secret to saving a marriage in Brazil

Overall, I highly recommend the book.

Professor Turner explains Brazilian society and how it affects serious relationships between Black men and Brazilian women.

You won’t get this unique perspective and deep analysis from any other book.

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Chapter One-The Newcomer
Chapter Two-Hardships and Difficulties
Chapter Three-Everything Good
Chapter Four-Tale of Two Cultures
Chapter Five-Beauty as Social Capital
Chapter Six-Meaning of Money
Chapter Seven-Politics of Persuasion
Chapter Eight-Reasons and Rationales
Chapter Nine-Making the Transition
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Black American Men and Brazilian Women