How To Make A Caipirinha

A few weeks ago I went to a Latin club in Washington, D.C. I got my salsa on and my drink on. While looking at the menu at the bar, I noticed they had one of my favorites: the caipirinha.

I was going on my 4th or 5th drink, so that caipirinha was the last. I went from being able to see to having Hennessy vision if you catch my drift.

When you visit Rio de Janeiro, it’s a must to have at least 1 caipirinha while you enjoy the nightlife. It’s a strong beverage, so you won’t need too many to feel it. It’s easy on the wallet too.

How To Make A Caipirinha

But you aren’t in Rio yet, right? And maybe you aren’t big on Latin clubs and parties in the states. If you are interested in trying a caipirinha before you get to Brazil, look no further.

It’s simple to make; you don’t have to be a professional bartender to make one. Everyone in Brazil can make one. Head to Rio and you will see caipirinhas being made everywhere from Lapa to the street parties in Vidigal.

Here’s how to make a caipirinha like a Brazilian:


TIP: When you are ordering a caipirinha, make sure to tell them you want it “muito forte”. Thank me later.

Beverages (Bebidas) Vocabulary

  • Beer – A Cerveja
  • Champagne – A Champanha
  • Cocktail – O Coquetel
  • Coffee – O Café
  • Gin – O Gim
  • Juice – O Suco
  • Lemonade – A Limonada
  • Liquor – O Licor
  • Milk – O Leite
  • Red Wine – O Vinho Tinto
  • Soda – O Refrigerante
  • Tea – O Chá
  • A Toast – Um Brinde
  • Cheers – Saúde (this really means health, but more or less this would be the equivalent to cheers)