Global Dating Apps Also Used in Brazil

With a humongous number of adult hookup apps available to Android and iOS devices, it is near impossible to settle for a single app. You have probably tried and tested many such apps in the past. Some may have worked for you, some may have not.  If you are visiting Brazil, you may want to try to sign up for some of these apps prior to your trip to make your chance at encounters with Brazilian women a bit more possible!

If you’re out of options and want to discover new things to play with – and eventually find good sex, as a result, try using the apps we have listed below. All of these apps are unique in the way they connect you with members.

Dating Apps Used in Brazil

Brazilian Women

There aren’t many places with sexier women than Brazil.


Seeking for wild no-strings-attached sex? The Wild app may be able to help you out. The free-to-use application lets you browse members anonymously but has photo verification in place so that you know you are dealing with a real person.

The best part about the app is its powerful search feature. The feature lets you filter out the members down to the point where you can find exactly what you are looking for. This is a great app for people with unique sexual tastes.


As the name suggests, Pheramor uses science to help you hookup. It actually uses your DNA to match you against members. After you have completed the signup process, you will be given a DNA testing kit. Just swab your cheek and send the sample. The company will then analyze this DNA according to attraction along with the social media profiles and interests of other members.

Pheramor is the first of its kind genetics-based dating application. The science the app uses doesn’t always produce 100% satisfactory results, but it is an interesting take on adult hookup apps.


If you don’t like manually looking for individuals to have fun with, then you may like Once, the app. The free-to-use application on iOS basically provides you with handpicked members on a daily basis. You can then pick one of these members to take out on a date and eventually to a bedroom.

There are a few interesting features mixed into it as well. For example, if you really want to find someone who connects with you perfectly, then pair it up with your Fitbit app. When the app shows a heartbeat spike, you can know for sure that you are attracted to the person.

The app then collect’s this data and tries to send you better recommendations each day.


Tired of meeting individuals on Tinder who only let you have them if you agree to be in a relationship? Then CasualX may be what you need the most. The app works exactly the same way as Tinder does, but it has open-minded members who are only interested in sex.

There are a couple of interesting security features added into the app itself which somewhat makes it better than Tinder. The app also lets you manually review each profile thoroughly before you decide to start a conversation with someone.

Plenty of Fish 

Plenty of Fish is one of the oldest adult dating sites. It boasts a large user base – 90 million to be precise. So if you are looking for variety, then this is the place to be.

POF uses quizzes to determine your personality, likes and dislikes. It helps the app know what you are interested in. So be sure to take these small but easy quizzes if you want to make the best use of its features. But one thing is for sure, there are so many members on the app that you are bound to find someone who is exactly like you in terms of sexual delight and preferences.


 Beacon isn’t actually a fully functional adult hookup app, but if you’re clever, you can actually use it like one. One thing that sets the app apart from the rest of the lot is that it uses Twitter to verify the members.

When you are on the app, you can create an ‘event’ and see if others are interested in a meet-up of sorts. You can also limit the invites to mutual Twitter contacts so no strangers can come to your event.

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The app should only be used if you’re completely out of other options. We’ve tried it using for sex and it actually does work wonders when it works.

Have you tried any of these apps? Did they work out for you? Did we miss anything from the list? Don’t forget to let others know.