How To Flirt In Portuguese & Get Dates In Brazil


Scenario: You are in Brazil. It’s Day 2 and you decide to go to that night. You practiced a little Portuguese so far but you are still nervous about speaking in the language.

Before you flirt in Portuguese, you have to prepare yourself mentally. I’m serious. It can be difficult talking to regular people in another language – think about the nerves you will have when you first approach a Brazilian woman you want to know on a deeper level.

First, you talk to regular people the entire day. You go into stores and speak to people. You ask for directions when you are walking around. You ask retail employees random questions just to get them talking. You might even do a little flirting when you see an opportunity.

You want to get as comfortable as possible with people talking to you in Portuguese. Before you can flirt in Portuguese, you have to be comfortable with speaking and hearing it. Talk to Brazilian women without flirting with them.

Second, you observe Brazilian culture. And I don’t mean just the tourist areas. Walk around regular neighborhoods and feel the vibe of the environment.

Pay attention to couples and guys trying to talk to women. See what works and doesn’t work. The Brazilian club is a little different from approaching women during the day but it’s still a good way to see the male/female dynamic.

Third – have fun. The day should be filled things that make you feel good.

  1. Drink a couple of beers
  2. Check out cool museums/landmarks
  3. Visit an area where you can see a panoramic view of the city

Do things that put you in good spirits. If you are going to the club solo, you definitely want to do this during the day because you need motivation and high energy levels to get you going.

Fourth, you visualize how the night will turn out.

Think about:

  • I’m going to get three phone numbers
  • I’m going to dance with two fine Brazilian women
  • I’m going to speak to a Brazilian woman nonstop for ten minutes
  • I’m going to make out with a Brazilian woman at the end of the night

This might seem silly to a grown man but visualizing what you plan to do before you do it – is very powerful. Rehearse a few lines you learned from Flirt In Portuguese.

And the last thing you should do during the day – pick the right venue.

If you want to meet Brazilian women and flirt in Portuguese, you have to go to the right venue where you will have fun even if you DON’T meet anyone.

If you like Afro-Brazilian women then you need to go to a venue where they will be in abundance. For example, in Sao Paulo, you won’t go to a Rock n Roll club on Rua Augusta. There will be a few Afro-Brazilian chicks around but they won’t be abundant like the clubs in Vila Madalena or Republica.

If you like samba, you need to head to a samba venue. Your #1 goal for the night really isn’t to flirt in Portuguese – it’s to have fun.

When you have fun, you feel good and you naturally flirt with women.

How To Flirt In Portuguese

You don’t have to be fluent in Portuguese to flirt in Portuguese. You just need the right vocabulary and a basic understanding of Brazilian Portuguese grammar and sentence structure.

I lay out a 5-step process to flirting in Portuguese in Flirt In Portuguese: Phrasebook For Men.

  1. Introducing yourself/Giving basic information
  2. Using core/handle verbs to have a basic conversation
  3. Portuguese hacks when you get stuck and need to keep the conversation going
  4. Four powerful verbs to persuade and convince a Brazilian woman
  5. Using what a Brazilian woman tells you to flirt in Portuguese

Here are a few other tips below.

Learn Relevant Vocabulary Words

If you want to flirt in Portuguese with Brazilian women, you don’t need to learn how to say “dog” (cachorro) or “boat” (barco). You want to learn words like “drink” (bebida) or “smile” (sorriso) – words you will probably use on a date or in the club.

Learn phrases like:

  • Você é solteira? – Are you single?
  • Gostei das suas roupas – I like your clothes
  • A gente deve sair – We should go out


Keep Your Natural Personality

Think about what you say in English to women. Then try to find the equivalent in Portuguese.

You need to keep your natural personality when you flirt in Portuguese. You need to keep your own style and think about what you would say in English. Brazilian women like authenticity. Show the real you through their language.


Take The Lead

Brazilian women like men who take the lead. When it comes to setting up dates – you schedule the time, you choose the place and you push the conversation along.

Even if you aren’t fluent in Portuguese.


Body Language

According to a few scientists, communication is 85% non-verbal. So even if you don’t speak Portuguese, you can get your point across in other ways. A Brazilian woman will let you know what’s on her mind with her facial expressions and her body language.

Learn how to flirt with body language if your Portuguese skills are extremely weak.

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