Do I need a visa to go to Brazil?

If you are American, then yes. It’s a reciprocal rule in that America demands Brazilians to get a visa to travel to the states. So, Brazil makes Americans do the same thing.

What type of visa do I need?

Probably a tourist one if you just plan to make short trips throughout the year. Click this link to find your nearest Brazilian Consulate and updated visa prices. The tourist visa has a 10 year expiration date.

When is the best time to go?

High season in Rio de Janeiro is around November to March. When it’s cold in America, it’s hot in Rio. Other regions in Brazil like the Northeast stay hot year round for the most part.

I’d recommend visiting Rio outside of the high season because there will be less tourists and the prices will be lower.

How much money do I need to bring with me?

Depends. You can stay in Rio for a week only spending $1,000. That’s a budget trip though. If you want your own apartment, take taxis everywhere, go to expensive restaurants, etc it will be more. Rio can be just as expensive as an American city, so look at what you would spend being a tourist in L.A. or New York City and apply that to Rio.

Should I get a hotel or an apartment?

Like I mentioned in my eBook Before You Go To Rio, which you can get free by signing up to the newsletter, you should probably get an apartment.

It usually comes out cheaper and you have fewer restrictions. Only get a hotel if you are on business and your employer is paying for it. Also, stay in a hotel if you are old and getting an apartment in a foreign country makes your head hurt. Stick to what you know even if it’s not the best option.

Where should I stay?

Stick to the tourist area on your first trip. Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon, Sao Conrado. After you get more comfortable, you should venture out since Rio is much more than what you will experience in the tourist spots.

Do I need to learn Portuguese? 


How dangerous is Rio de Janeiro?

It has dangerous areas with terrible poverty. You probably shouldn’t go to those places. It’s like any other major city with haves and have-nots. There is petty crime like stealing that you might be a victim of if you aren’t used to keeping an eye on your belongings.

Keep your wits and you will be fine.

Is there racism in Brazil?

Of course. Any country founded on slavery will have racism. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. This Brazilian student made a great map showing racial segregation in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

With that said, don’t let it deter you from visiting and having a great time in Brazil. You won’t experience anything terrible.

If you are Black American, you will be treated well simply because you are from America.

What are Brazilian women like?

That’s like asking what are black men like. Or what are Asian women like. I can only give you a generalized answer that doesn’t cover the full spectrum of people’s individuality.

A better question is what do I like and does Brazil offer that? You will  probably meet a Brazilian woman who likes you and you like her back. But learn Portuguese.

Are there really a lot of transsexuals in Brazil?

I’ve only been to Rio and Sao Paulo. They have a presence depending on the area you are in. If you are a heterosexual man like me, then you probably won’t bump into too many transsexuals. And you won’t be bothered when you do see one because you are interested in women, not transsexuals.

This blog is offensive! You are talking about getting Brazilian women! Why??

This blog is 25% about dating. Most of it is about traveling, finding ways to make money while living in Brazil, Brazilian culture and learning Brazilian Portuguese. I’m smart enough to know I can’t talk anyone out of not being offended. No matter what I write, a few people will find something they don’t like about this blog.

They’ll survive.

This website is not politically correct and the subject is largely written from personal experience. My life is not your life. If you comment on an article, remember that.

If you don’t like what I write, pay me and I’ll write about whatever you want me to.

“Just because you’re offended, doesn’t mean you’re right.”

–Ricky Gervais