Do Brazilian Women Like Short Men?

This is the second installment of my “Do Brazilian Women Like ____.” In the first article, I wrote about if Brazilian women like ugly men. You can check it out by clicking here.

Do Brazilian Women Like Short Men?

Do Brazilian women like short men? That’s a common question among short guys around the world who are interested in dating in Brazil. The answer is simple.

It depends.

I’m 5’8. Not a tall guy at all. But I have never had any serious trouble with women in America or overseas. I’m not special.

Some of the biggest players I knew growing up were shorter than me. I remember in 8th grade, there was this little guy around 5’2.

The girls loved him.

In high school, I knew plenty of short dudes who had girls. So being short is no excuse to not having women. This applies to Brazil and America.

So let’s go back to the question:

Do Brazilian women like short men? That’s a horrible question and if you are a short man who feels the need to ask that, you need to check your mindset.

Hopefully, this article helps you do that.

You Have To Be Confident

Confidence is the key to becoming successful in anything in life. Including dating women.

No woman likes a man who lacks confidence. Brazilian women like a man who is secure in his own skin. If you lack confidence, you don’t get the benefit of the doubt just because you are short.

So, you have to build your self-esteem before you ever step to Brazilian women. It starts while you are at home. I’ve noticed many men interested in Brazil have had bad experiences with American women. I can’t really relate, but I understand to an extent.

Negative experiences affect the way you see yourself. That has to be resolved before you have a great, long last relationship with anyone.

You might meet a cool Brazilian woman and think she’s so much better than American women and that you were right. But it will eventually go south if you still have anger towards women.

Anger is not compatible with confidence. You have to become positive to truly become confident and be the best you.

How To Build Confidence

It’s not as difficult as you may think. What are you good at? Let’s say you are good at chess. If you aren’t feeling too hot about yourself, join some chess clubs and whip some ass.

The more you win the more you will feel good about yourself. People will ask you how did you get so good. That feeling will spill to other areas of your life, including your interactions with women.

Confidence is all about having a positive self-image. Learn to love yourself no matter how tall you are and others will feel the positive energy and treat you well.

Maximize Your Physical Attributes

Everyone has their own style and body shape. You have to learn how to maximize your looks, especially if you are on the shorter side.

For example, I lift weights. I used to be around 145 pounds. Now I’m anywhere from 160-180 depending on if I’m gaining muscle or losing fat. I don’t mean to brag but I’m in pretty great shape.

But it didn’t just happen. I’ve been lifting weights for years now. It takes time. And the results are worth it. Brazilian women love men with muscles, don’t listen to the guys who say they don’t.

I also have a beard most of the year. I don’t have a baby face or anything but a lot of guys do. And if you are short, you can look like a teenager. If you can grow a beard, I highly recommend it. Many Brazilian women love it.

It goes without saying, if you are short and fat, you just don’t want women to like you. Lose weight. And wear clothes that fit. Nothing too tight or too baggy. If you have muscles, you can wear a simple t-shirt and jeans and look sexy.

This is my greatest advice for short dudes about maximizing their looks:

  1. Get buff. You don’t gotta be a bodybuilder, but nice arms and a chest will take you far. This is a current picture of me, I’m fluctuating between 160-165 pounds. I’m working out to gain weight at the moment.
  2. Grow a beard if you can. And I’m talking about a real, full one, not one of those chin strap ones all lined up.
  3. Wear clothes that fit your body. Nothing too baggy or too tight. You don’t have to wear expensive clothing if you have muscles. You will look great in a simple v-neck and nice fitted jeans.

brazilian women like short men

Don’t Talk About “How Short You Are”

Never bring up the fact you are short. People can see.
I never bring up my height because it’s not a factor in my mind. I like my height and that’s the end of it. I like everything about myself.

That’s confidence.

You shouldn’t make jokes about yourself unless you are a great comedian. Most of you guys are not that funny, so it would come off self-deprecating. It’s best to just avoid the jokes.

But what if the woman says something about your height?

A couple of weeks ago, I was face timing this woman I never met and she asked me how tall I was. I told her 5’8. She thought I was playing.

Seriously? She acted as if I was a midget. Like 5’8 is a rare height for human beings.

What did I do? I blew it off. I actually used “game” and turned it back on her.

Earlier we were texting about fat women and she asked me if I was shallow because some people call her fat. I said no I am not shallow.

When she acted like there was an issue with my height, I flipped the conversation on her and asked her if SHE was shallow. Of course, like most women, she had to save face and prove to me she wasn’t.

Long story short, she saw that I didn’t take my height seriously, found that attractive and we went out on a date. It didn’t work out but it had nothing to do with my height.

So when a chick tries to talk about your height and make it into a big deal, blow it off and show that you are secure.

NOTE: Some women make it known they “only date men 6 feet or taller”. If you come across a woman like this, don’t waste your time. Keep it moving.

brazilian women like short men

Become Aware Of Who Is Interested

So now you are confident, you have maximized your looks and you never talk about your height anymore. What’s the last thing you have to do to get women, including Brazilian women?

You have to know who is interested in you.

A lot of men just don’t know who is interested in them. Some men have no clue when a woman is giving them the eye or feeling what they are saying.

Usually, women like men taller than them, so keep your eyes on women shorter than you. If you are like 5’5, then trying to talk at a chick who is 5’8 might be a waste of time.

Brazilian women are pretty short so unless you are really small, you shouldn’t have trouble meeting shorter women.

Brazilians are shorter than Americans, so you might fit in more in Brazil than you do in your current city. Some Brazilian women will be used to short men and you will be average to them.

But no matter what, remember asking if Brazilian women like short men is a dumb question. There is no universal answer and you should be confident in yourself that you don’t care what women like.

The more positive experiences you have with women, the less you think about questions like this.

These positive experiences in your personal life will answer everything for you.