Do Brazilian Women Like Black Men?

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Enter Shad

I’m not really into white women, but I liked something about this one.

My friend in Guarulhos invited me to a house party. I wasn’t doing anything, so I said sure. Everyone was sitting around and drinking beers when I started talking to this White Brazilian woman named Lisa.

I was impressed with how perfect her teeth were. I’ve seen some of the whitest teeth in Brazil. It’s weird, but a lot of Brazilians take having a Hollywood smile seriously.

I wanted to show her I was interested, so I invited her outside and we made out.

Do you think she liked me?

Do Brazilian Women Like Black Men?

brazilian women like black men

Why do people think everyone hates black men?

I’ve seen a weird question online.

Do Brazilian women like black men?

It’s a strange question because Brazil isn’t Sweden or Russia. I would think in a country full of black people, it would be assumed that black people liked other black people.

I’ve seen comments online about how quality Brazilian women don’t like black men and how you will have to sleep with prostitutes if you want any kind of action.

This type of mentality is lame and screams a lack of self-confidence. And it’s scary because some black men are believing it.

Brazil Is A Country Of Black & Brown People

Brazil has the 2nd largest black population in the world, only behind Nigeria. In a country with millions of black people, why wouldn’t some of the women like black men?

It’s like visiting Atlanta, Georgia and asking if women in Atlanta like black men. That’s a question never asked.

Every woman is different, but yes. Many Brazilian women like black men.

Obviously, every black man is different. We all don’t look the same. Will Smith would have no issues dating in Brazil.

Gary Coleman (R.I.P.) would have had to work harder.

Both are black, but they would have different experiences. You have to be honest with yourself. You know if you are physically attractive or not.

You have to work on yourself and become the best you.

If you are obese, lose weight. If you have crooked teeth, get braces. Plenty of Brazilians get braces as adults so you would fit right in.

But, don’t try to blame it on your skin tone. I’m dark-skinned. Brazilian women of all shades have been receptive to me.

A big reason I’ve met cool Brazilian women is because I maximize my looks and personality. I’m only 5’8, so I work out and make sure my physique is above average.

I keep a neat beard. In regards to personality, I’m always learning. I read everyday. And I still study Portuguese.

Women find smart men attractive despite what some guys think. You can’t be a dumb ass and be successful with quality women.

You Don’t Have To Sleep With Prostitutes

First, you aren’t a celebrity. You aren’t rich.

The reasons regular men sleep with prostitutes are not the same reasons why NBA star James Harden does. You can’t compare a guy picking up a street-walker to Justin Bieber visiting a terma.

I’ve noticed some guys telling black men they will have to sleep with hookers on their first trip to Brazil. I’ve even seen a black man say black men are not wanted in Brazil.

A lot of guys who believe Brazilian women don’t like black men deal with low self-esteem.

It’s obvious. Unfortunately, a lot of guys don’t really like who they are.

If a man tells you a woman won’t talk to you unless you spend money on her, he is just projecting himself onto you.

If he thinks he can’t do something, he will try to convince you that you can’t do it either.

A secure man would never tell you regular, Brazilian women don’t want to talk to you, so sleep with prostitutes on your first trip.

Why go all the way down to Brazil to pay her to spend time with you…..

When you could hit the club and meet women like this ….

I don’t care if you only got a few days. This site is called Rio In A Week. You can have a great time with real Brazilian women in a week. If you really need to have sex in Brazil, you should have learned Portuguese and got your game up before going.

You don’t even have to have sex the first time you visit Brazil. The country is more than that.

Who are you trying to impress? Is it that serious that you have to pay a woman to fake like you for a week?

If you haven’t had sex in America for a long time and you are going to Brazil for it, what do you plan to do when you get back to America?

Paying for sex in Brazil isn’t going to improve your life back home.

“Travel to Brazil because the women are better than American women, but Brazilian women don’t like black men so sleep with hookers”

It’s just horrible advice.

These guys complain and hate American women. They complain about American women being hoes and gold-diggers and single mothers.

But, these same men are going to Brazil and getting with women who are doing the same thing they claim to hate.

It’s almost insane when you think about it.

Never take their advice. Not even once. Sleeping with prostitutes is never a one time thing.

You do it once, you will do it again because it’s easy and instant gratification. If you go to the club and don’t get any women, you’ll go to the hoe stroll.

In Brazil, I’ve met guys in the club who didn’t have any luck with the ladies and they decided to go to a whore house.

That’s the easy way out and it adds nothing to your life.

It hurts your relationships with real women because building real relationships take time and work.

It’s the same way people get trapped in a 9 to 5 job for 40 years. That 2 week paycheck satisfies today’s needs.

A lot of people want to start a business, but it’s hard to work your ass off for something that doesn’t pay off immediately. It’s easier to work for someone else and get a check every two weeks despite a business paying more money and giving more freedom in the long run.

The big thing is not going to Brazil just for sex. I’ll compare it to going out to a bar or club.

If you go out and your goal is to sleep with a woman, if the night ends and you didn’t get sex, you feel like your night was wasted. You feel let down.

But if you go out and all you want to do is have a good time, sex or no sex, you will probably have a great time.

You’ll probably even meet women and get phone numbers because when you stop trying so hard, things become easy.

Women like men who aren’t thirsty. It’s easy to notice the thirsty dudes. They give off a certain vibe that turns off regular women, but attracts hookers.

A trip to Brazil should be like this. You won’t meet cool Brazilian women if you put so much pressure on getting sex.

Go with no expectations.


If your main reason of going to Brazil is to have sex with prostitutes, then knock yourself out.

But your opinions on Brazilian women are not credible and I hope men don’t take your advice about what to expect in Brazil. I know most will, but the smart ones won’t.

On the other hand, if you are a black dude who really wants to know if Brazilian women like black men because you plan to enjoy the nightlife in Brazil, I hope you get the message.

Don’t be like most men. Be better.

My advice is to make sure you are in shape, have a personality and learn Portuguese. You really should be doing those things to make your life better anyways.

Many brothers have dated and married women from Brazil. They didn’t have to sleep with hookers first. I’m proof you can meet women on your first trip with low Portuguese skills too. So, that’s no excuse.

You have to go to Brazil with a real interest for the country. Some people laugh at that, but it’s true. A few of us really love Brazil, not just the women.

The question isn’t do Brazilian women like black men.

The real question is do Brazilian women like you?

Only you can answer that.


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