Brazilian Food Is Different Than Icelandic Food!

Okay, so you know that I’ve obviously been to Brazil if you’ve read about anything on this blog.  However, I recently went to Iceland, and I could not believe what they eat!  I just had to come back here and give a full report on what people eat in Iceland.

Let’s just say, rice and beans are NOT part of the daily intake!

What is the Food like in Iceland?

If you like trying out food in new countries and experiencing new cultures, you’re in for a treat in Iceland! There is so much variety of food to try out: whether you like fish, hot dogs, fresh tomatoes in winter or soft cheese known as yogurt, this country has it all! Here is our guide to getting the most bang out of your buck when you visit this beautiful country. You can try out all these delicious treats and still go back with enough money in the bank to stay afloat.

Perhaps this video (done by a third party) is the best way to sum up food in Iceland.

The first food to try is the famous Iceland hot dog. It sounds really strange that these are considered a delicacy since hot dogs are so commonly found everywhere in the world. They’re available to eat in the US from hot dog carts and vendors all around. But trust us when we tell you that the hot dogs in Iceland are completely unique and carry a rich flavor you don’t want to miss out on. The links in the hot dog are made up of a tasty blend of lamb, pork and beef and that’s what sets these dogs apart. The toppings are also one of a kind and are unforgettable. You can get a hot dog with the works, meaning a slathering of ketchup, sweet mustard, fried onions, raw onions, mayo and relish (sweet or sour). There is also sometimes a remoulade sauce which transforms the hot dog experience into an extraordinary and gourmet one.

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Another budget friendly treat to try are the special fish and chips. Iceland has the best variety of fish available in the world and it’s understandable why the fish and chips are so popular. Fishing is still the topmost method of sustenance for Icelandic locals so you may be sure they know how to make fish well. While there are a hundred different ways that fish is prepared in Iceland, the fried variety is still the most popular. So make sure to stop by a café and try out the crispy golden fried fish and tasty chips!

Asides from fish, you should also try the local and rich Icelandic meat soup which is especially delightful on a cold, blustery winter morning. It’s made with a lot of vegetables such as potatoes and carrots and has a slow cooked concoction of lamb added as well. There are rice and herbs included in the stew which make it a delight for the taste buds. You should try this out with some of the locally baked fresh bread up for grabs. We guarantee you will enjoy your meal heartily!

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While we have given you our list of foods to try, you can remember there are Icelandic food tours you can also join! Some of the best ways to see and experience any new country is through friendly guided tours which will show you non-touristy places as well! So find a food tour you like and get on board to try out local cuisine and fine spirits. We hope you enjoy your time in Iceland!