Rio In A Week’s Beautiful Brazilian Women Contest

Rio In A Week Presents

The Beautiful Brazilian Women Beauty Contest

You might have heard of the Miss Bum Bum competition in Brazil.

It’s a contest with some of the hottest Brazilian women competing for who has the best butt.

Simple concept.

I decided to create my own little contest with a few of my favorite Brazilian beauties.

I mixed it up to show the diverse beauty of Brazilian women.


Here at Rio In A Week, we don’t discriminate


So check it out and don’t forget to vote your 5 favorite beautiful Brazilian women. I’ll be hosting a random drawing for 5 voters – and I’ll send them a free copy of my new book that you can check out here-> Brazilian Girls

Enjoy the slide show then get out and vote fellas.


*you can click back and start the slide show over if it is already playing

*voters who want to be thrown in the random drawing can either leave a comment below or include their email in the voter’s ballot. You can also email me at

This was round one of the Beautiful Brazilian Women Beauty Contest. Round Two will be announced through my email list so if you are interested in seeing the last 5 – subscribe below.