7 Reasons Why You Should Book An Apartment In Rio

You Need To Stay In A Rio Apartment

Friend, would you like any of the things below while on a Rio de Janeiro vacation?

  1. Hotel rules
  2. Hotel guards
  3. No visitors allowed in your hotel room
  4. Overpriced rates for an outdated room

Of course you wouldn’t.

It’s 2016. Most people know the benefits of staying in an apartment in Rio.

But, there might be a reason you do want a hotel.

  • You might want an English-speaking staff since you haven’t been studying Portuguese like you should be.
  • Your job is paying for the hotel.
  • You might be afraid of renting an apartment in another country.
  • You didn’t know you can rent short-term apartments.

Well, right now – I’m talking to the guys who never booked an apartment.


You Can Rent An Apartment In Rio


And this article will tell you why you should.

If you are heading to Brazil this year, check out seven reasons why staying in an apartment in Rio makes sense.

You Have More Space

Hotels are packed with people.

  • Maids
  • Janitors
  • Security
  • Hotel staff
  • Other tourists

You get the picture.

It’s a lot of people aka no privacy. When you leave, you’ll likely walk pass a few people.

When you come in, you’ll likely walk pass a few people.

You probably like to go in and out of your place without all eyes on you. If you stay in a hotel in Rio, it’s difficult to do that unless you are a ninja.

Not only that, hotel rooms are usually SMALLER in comparison to an apartment.

Check out this 2 bedroom penthouse apartment in Ipanema at Rio Beach Rentals


If you go to Rio with a friend or two, you will be glad you picked a spacious apartment over a tiny hotel.

They Want You Back

We’ve all been to hotels and said “I’ll never book with them again”.

Hotels in Rio de Janeiro don’t really care about you if we’re being honest.

These hotels get thousands of visitors every year. If something happens or you just don’t like something, the hotel staff MIGHT try to fix it.

Or – they might brush you off because there are 100 other hotel customers that need something. So, you aren’t that important to them.

On the other hand, a lot of apartment services are smaller. They aren’t a big hotel chain like the Marriott.

They want you to come back when you visit Rio again so they will make sure you enjoy your stay.


You Can Cook

You might be a chef.

Ok, probably not. But I bet you agree cooking is better than ordering out.

Most hotels don’t allow cooking so you can’t have a candle lit dinner in your place with a lady even if you wanted.

Apartments have a kitchen.

If you do have a nice lady friend who wants to come over and show you her cooking skills, no problem.

Also – cooking a few meals during your trip is a money saver. If you are in Rio for more than a week or two – eating out three times a day can add up.

You Have More Options

You have great options when you choose an apartment in Rio.

  • Copacabana
  • Ipanema
  • Leblon
  • Sao Conrado
  • Barra da Tijuca
  • Santa Teresa
  • Botafogo
  • Flamengo
  • Leme
  • Gavea

Take your pick. You will have no problems finding a place in any of these neighborhoods. When you think of hotels in Rio, you usually think of Copa, Ipanema and a few in Sao Conrado too.

Apartments, undoubtedly, take the cake.


You Can Network

When you stay in a hotel, you are around other tourists. You definitely feel like one of them.

But we are travelers in Brazil right? We want to see how Brazilians live.

Staying in an apartment in Rio is a great chance to see a typical Brazilian’s daily schedule. You can even make Brazilian friends in the building for future trips.

Hotel visitors are there for the week then off to the next destination or back home.

Build relationships and partners when you visit Brazil. You never know what can come out of it – possibly an opportunity to stay as long as you want.

More Bang For Your Buck

Overall, apartments in Rio are cheaper than hotels.

Many hotels are overpriced in Brazil. They are outdated and a little small.

You can definitely get more bang for your buck with apartments. From studio apartments to penthouse suites, you will be satisfied with what you can rent for a short or long-term stay.


I stayed in a studio apartment in Rio like this twice.

The apartment building and area was safe, it was right on the beach so it was an attractive location and the price was affordable.


You Have More Freedom

Freedom is the most important reason for staying in an apartment in Rio.

Rules suck. Especially for a grown man like you.

If you meet an attractive woman one night and you want to talk to her back at your place, hotel rules will probably stop that from happening.

Usually, apartments have way more freedom.

What’s the point of going on vacation if you don’t have the freedom to do what you want right?


I’ve only booked an apartment in Rio with one company.

I recommend Rio Beach Rentals. You’ve already seen two of their apartments in this article. I’ve stayed with them twice and they have awesome apartments for great prices.

You can check out their site and see they have apartments for every type of budget. Whether you are traveling solo or you have a group of friends, you’ll find apartments for all travel sizes at Rio Beach Rentals.

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Book ASAP especially if you plan on going during the Olympics!