8 Things You Can Learn From Brazilian Men

What Could Brazilian Men Teach Me? I’m A Gringo!

No matter how many times you visit Brazil and no matter how long you have lived there, there will always be more to learn about the country.

Whether it’s dating or getting business handled, there is a group of people who can help you out a lot and show you what you should do.

Brazilian men.

There are tons of benefits to having Brazilian friends while you are visiting.

I know as a man, your primary interest will be meeting Brazilian women. But don’t forget knowing Brazilian men will help you gain access to these Brazilian women.

Also, they are cool people to build friendships with. They can show you the ropes and give you insight about Brazil that a gringo can’t.

Check out tips you can learn from Brazilian men, so you can conquer Brazil and possibly other countries you go to afterwards.

brazilian men


Machismo. Manliness. Don’t get it twisted. Being a man’s man is still the best way to make women attracted to you in Brazil. Even in America.

Brazilian women expect you to take the lead. That’s why it’s good to learn Portuguese or at least know a few words. You don’t want her to have to translate every word and talk for you.

That’s not manly to her.

Don’t be fooled by the way some Brazilian men dress. They wear a lot of tight fitted shirts and slim pants. They still have that macho mentality. People in Latin America just have a different style.

So, if you are a naturally soft guy who talks really low and can’t maintain eye contact for too long, you will have trouble.

Your best bet is to get a Brazilian wing man. But don’t let him dominate. Take notes and learn. Don’t overdo it and come off looking stupid.

The most significant things you need to do to seem more macho is to maintain strong eye contact when you speak to people and speak clearly.

Those two things will make you 10x more manlier. And watch how women will blush and not be able to look at you for too long because of your masculine energy.



I’m a gym rat, so my idea of staying in shape means going to the gym at least 4 times a week. But that might be too much for some people, so by active I mean do some type of physical activity besides walking to your car.

A lot of Brazilian women are in shape. Not all, but many.

In Rio, there is a big fitness culture. It’s on the coast, so people have to keep a tight body to show off at the beach.

Why would you go down with a big belly and think you can compete with guys who stay in shape?

You can’t, bud. So, take a cue from Brazilian men and pick up a sport or get a cheap gym membership, so you can maximize your quality of life with the ladies. And with people in general. People treat healthy looking people better.


Relating to being macho, you have to be aggressive in the club atmosphere when pursuing women. By persistence, I mean you have to let the woman know you are interested.

In my most popular article on this site, 6 Reasons You Aren’t Successful With Brazilian Women, I wrote about how you have to go for the kiss while trying to get at a woman in the club.

My cousin, who is a Brazilian expert, told me to do it. A Brazilian dude I met at a cookout told me that’s how it’s done.

And I’ve seen success with it thus far. Brazilian women like kissing. And they grow up thinking if a man is interested in them, he will try to kiss.

Let’s say you meet a woman in the club and you go for the kiss. But she rejects it. What do you do next?

If your first instinct is to quit right there and not attempt a kiss again, you will have a rough time in Brazil.

You have to be persistent. I’ve seen Brazilian men get turned down multiple times, but they keep trying. Unless the woman smacks you or walks away, she’s still open to kissing you.

According to my good friend Rome at @romebrown on Twitter, “persistence beats resistance.”

Brazilian men tend to agree.


I haven’t been to one Brazilian house where the man was in the kitchen cooking and in the bathroom cleaning. Although Brazil is slowly becoming more Westernized, there is still a traditional way of life passed down from the older generation to the new.

A lot of Brazilian men want a woman who will take care of the home and raise their children even if she has a career.

Many of us gringos are raised in cultures where traditional gender roles equals bad and new-age, everyone is gender-less means good.

I actually agree that everyone should have the choice to pick how they want to live. I’m liberal in that regard. But the big issue with super liberal people is that they can’t accept how some people may want a so-called “1950’s type of relationship”.

Most Brazilian men like their women to be pretty traditional. They also like them to be feminine, dress up and be lady-like.

And I know a lot of men from other countries who are interested in traditional women. They wonder if they can find that in Brazil.

In my experience, you will. You just have to be a man and handle business.


A lot of Brazilian men grew up with very little. But they learnt how to work with what they have. They get creative when it comes to the clothes they wear or the jobs they do to make ends meet.

They hustle hard.

I’ve met many Brazilian men who have no problems with moving to a new city to make money. They will move and leave home if their current town is not profitable.

I think this hustle mentality is a must while living in Brazil. You have to be a go-getter to really reap all the rewards of Brazil.

You’ll meet lazy Brazilian men, but you won’t want to hang out with them unless you want the poor life they have.

It’s cool to relax and chill for a week while you are there, but if you plan to live there and be successful, you have to take cues from the Brazilian men who are making moves.

A lot of guys you see chilling on the beach in Leblon and Ipanema are highly successful people. They have the luxury to spend their time that way because they hustled in a country where it’s paramount.


Opa! Beleza?

E ai cara! Tranquilo?

Brazilian men know how to make friends. They approach you with a smile on their face and their hand out. They pat you on the back and ask you questions.

Of course they are looking for a gringo friend. But aren’t you looking for a Brazilian friend?

You might not be the most friendliest, warm person in your hometown. But you have to learn how to be open in Brazil.

I recommend learning how to move your hands and body in a more friendly way. When you meet someone or see a friend, approach them with your hand out and while you shake their hand pat them on the back with the other hand.

Even if you aren’t in a good mood, this movement will physically make you feel more positive and happier. And the person you just patted on the back will feel good too.

If you frequent a store or restaurant, say hello to the people who work inside. If you notice someone recognizes you as a gringo, smile back at them.

Being friendly will take you far in Brazil. It can in your home country too, but it definitely can in Brazil.


If you’ve spent enough time on the beach in Copacabana or Ipanema, you’ve been approached by at least one Brazilian man trying to sell.

I can’t blame them for their persistence and hustle. They probably have a family to feed and can’t work anywhere else.

But when they do try to sell you those shades for 60 reais and you decline their offer, what do they do? They try to negotiate a price.

Brazil, like other countries in Latin America, is a place of negotiation. When you buy something off the street, the price is never solid. Even in a store, you might be able to talk down a price.

But besides the price, learning how to negotiate helps increase your patience and calmness. And you will need a lot of patience if you choose to live in Brazil.

Brazilian life is not as efficient as America or other developed countries. When you expect to negotiate at all times, you will better understand how to get what you want. You won’t feel the need to try to come to a resolution as soon as possible.

You won’t have fear of walking away if you aren’t happy with the negotiation. Trust me, you will need this mentality while living in Brazil.


And after all that negotiation, you will need to relax.

And Brazilian men know a lot about that. Walk down a street in any Brazilian neighborhood and you will see men at botecos, drinking beers and talking about the latest soccer match or life in general.

It’s great. Its how it’s suppose to be.

Brazilians, especially Brazilian men, know how to take a seat and enjoy the moment.