3 Stupid Fears You Must Overcome Before Going To Brazil

Before going to Brazil, you need to know…


Brazil is a beast.

Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

There are guys who act like it’s paradise. These guys talk about Brazil as if you land and your life is smooth sailing instantly.


You will experience culture shock. And you will get frustrated at times because you are a foreigner in another country.

It’s different.

But there are ways to make the culture shock less shocking.


before going to BrazilFear affects us all. We want to do things but an invisible force holds us back from actually going for it.

Maybe we have doubts. Maybe we think others will judge us. Whatever the case, we all feel self-conscious.

But you know what?

Fear is stupid. It really is. No one really cares about us that much.

When we trip over something, we look around to see whose watching. Majority of the time, no one saw us trip.

That’s life period.

You might be dealing with fears that are holding you back.

They can also hold you back in Brazil. Especially when you experience new things you aren’t used to. Culture shock can trigger these fears and put your trip at a stand still.

To make life easier while living or visiting Brazil, make sure you aren’t held back by these 3 stupid, but common fears.

1. Approaching Women

No, she won’t punch you in the face for talking to her.

No matter what some people claim.

Approach anxiety can be tough.

It’s already hard enough to approach a stranger in the street to ask for directions or if they have a spare quarter (although the homeless are professionals at it).

But when you are in a social setting, approaching women you are interested in is a must.

You have to do it.

If you have trouble approaching women in America, you will have issues in Brazil especially if you don’t speak Portuguese and she doesn’t speak English.

Regular Brazilian women do not approach first.

I repeat. Regular Brazilian women don’t approach first.

If a Brazilian woman approaches you, 9 times out of 10 she is a prostitute. And regular Brazilian women know this; that’s why they don’t approach first.

They don’t want to be mistaken as a prostitute. But they will throw you hints.

I remember the first time I approached a Brazilian woman. I was at Bob’s Burgers in Copacabana and there was this cute chick at the register. I noticed she was giving me the eye so I approached her after eating.

My Portuguese was pretty bad. But she already gave me the signal to approach, so I had to do it. And it was successful.

You should practice approaching women before going to Brazil. Even if you aren’t interested in her. Small talk is all you need.

You will become more comfortable with talking to a random woman. Be a detective. Ask questions.

If you have a fear of approaching women, your time in Brazil will be lonely.

2. Speaking A Foreign Language

I deal with this to this day.

That’s how I know it’s stupid.

Many of us had poor experiences learning Spanish or another language in school. 

We have no real experience speaking another language. So when we are forced to speak Brazilian Portuguese, it feels funny.

We don’t like the way our voice sounds trying to pronounce the strange words. Our Western tongues can’t make out the tones.

Oh well.

Get over it.

You don’t sound nearly as bad as you think. Trust me. And luckily, most Brazilians will pat you on your back and act like you speak as fluently as Seu Jorge. Even if they didn’t understand what you said.

I recommend practicing Portuguese with real Brazilians before going to Brazil.

I wrote about the 7 best places to meet Brazilian women in America if you live in the states. Not only will you practice speaking Portuguese, but you can practice approaching women too.

Talk about knocking out two birds with one stone.

Check it out and get over your fear of speaking in a foreign language.

Your time in Brazil will be 10x better when you can speak a little Portuguese.

3. Learning A New Way Of Life

The Brazilian lifestyle is very different from America.before going to Brazil

The bathrooms are different. The language is different. The music is different.

Many people don’t like change. They become set in their ways and don’t want to try something that seems too foreign from what they are used to.

Why go to a foreign country if you don’t want to try a foreign way of life?

Beats me.

Before going to Brazil, make sure you have an open mind. Don’t be afraid of admitting your way of life is not the best way. Your opinions on life are not the right opinions.

There is no right or wrong. Everything is subjective. I mean everything.

I’m not saying that you should become a fake Brazilian. But if you go to the beach, please take off the sneakers and slip on flip-flops.

Skip the McDonald’s and eat feijoada instead. Take a break from Hip Hop and go to a samba rock club.

The greatest thing about letting go of the fear of change is that you realize the endless possibilities of what life can be.

One of my favorite rapper’s Nipsey Hussle has a lyric that says, “Once you travel the world, you don’t return the same.”

You can literally make your life what you want it to be.

Most people die living the same routine day in and day out.

Don’t be one of those people.