21 Must Have Phone Apps For Brazil!

You Need These Apps For Brazil

apps for brazilBrazilians use their phones 24/7. The smartphone craze has definitely taken over the cities of Baianos, Cariocas, Paulistanos and every other Brazilian.

You have to know what apps they use to stay connected to them; you also have to stay up to date to what is going on in the city you are in.

Technology makes that easy.

There are a few apps that you have to download on your phone to make life easier in Brazil. Here are Rio In A Week’s top 21 apps for Brazil, ranked in categories.


1. Whatsapp

This will be your #1 form of communication with everyone you know in Brazil. This is the most popular or at least one of the top 3 most popular apps in Brazil.

Text messaging can be expensive in Brazil so everyone uses Whatsapp for free. Download it ASAP.

2. Duolingo

You have to understand what your Brazilian contacts are saying, so you need Duolingoto practice Portuguese. Ideally, you should have this app on your phone long before you plan to visit Brazil. But even studying a week or two before your trip will pay off big time.

3. Ginger

I love this language app. It has a good translation feature where you can plug-in what you want to say in Portuguese. You should have the basics down before you get to Brazil, but this will help you text people on Whatsapp when you don’t know what to say.

4. Google Translate

Most of you are familiar with Google Translate. It’s pretty straight forward. Whatever you want to say, type it in and press the translate button to Portuguese.

It’s not 100% correct, but if your Portuguese is really poor, it’s better than nothing.

5. Portuguese Pod 101

These next two aren’t apps, but podcast shows in the Podcast app of the iPhone. I don’t care if they aren’t really apps, you definitely need to download these shows on your phone.

Portuguese Pod 101 is a Brazilian Portuguese podcast that will teach you useful phrases and dialogue.

6. BrazilPod

This is another podcast about learning Portuguese you can download from the Internet or in iTunes. I’ve written about it before in this post.

7. Tinder

Dating in Brazil is going digital like every other country. Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps in Brazil along with others like Badoo.

Make sure you download this as soon as you get there if you have an iPhone. If you have an Android, I think you can change your location while still being in your home country. Start talking to Brazilian women a week or so before you plan to arrive and have dates lined up.

8. HelloTalk

This is a cool app to talk to people in a foreign language. It’s like language exchange but not in person. It can be useful if you use it to connect with Brazilians who can show you around town when you arrive.

Check out my review of the app in the article Learn Brazilian Portuguese WithHelloTalk.


9. Uber

Uber is Uber in every country. Brazilian taxi drivers have tried to ban the service, but it’s still going strong.

10. 99Taxi

Great app to hail a cab in most major cities in Brazil. If you can’t get a Uber, this would be your next best option late at night.

11. Cadê o Ônibus?

This is an app for Sao Paulo only. Public transportation can be a pain in Brazil, but you have to deal with it. This app is great to know when you need to be at your bus stop. It’s better to know beforehand so you aren’t waiting forever.

12. Waze

You probably won’t be driving in Brazil, but this is always a good app to have just in case. You also might want to see if the taxi is taking you to the right place. Just put the address of where you are going into it and it will show you the route. I’ve used it before while being a passenger.


13. Airbnb

Great service to find cheap rooms and apartments. You should definitely have this app on hand in case of an emergency and you need a place to stay. I’ve landed in Brazil before without booking a place to stay and all I had to do was book a cheap room for the night on Airbnb. It’s a lifesaver.

14. Guia de Moteis

This may be number 14 on the list, but this could definitely be one of the most important apps for Brazil. If you don’t know anything about the motels in Brazil, check out my article about The Love Motels.

Everything Else

15. Apontador

This is one of the best apps for Brazil. Need to find a cool bar to get drinks? Maybe you want to extend your vacation, but want to check into a different hotel?

This app does all that. You can use Apontador to find restaurants, bars, banks, hospitals, etc in Rio de Janeiro.

16. GymPass

This is an app that helps you find nearby gyms to use. If you are like me, you will still want to get your daily workout in even if you are on vacation.

This is a great app because you can buy daily or weekly passes on it. Check it out if you are a gym rat.

17. XE Currency

XE Currency is good to check the exchange rate. It’s always nice to wake up after a night on the town, tap on XE Currency app and see the dollar or pound stronger than yesterday.

18. HelloFood

This is a food delivery service. It’s like GrubHub, except it’s HelloFood.

19. Kekanto

This is a great app to find city guides for Brazilian cities. You can also look up restaurants and hotels.

20. Spotify

Brazilians have great music. Spotify has a lot of great Brazilian music. Search for Seu Jorge, Ed Motta and search for Brazilian music playlists. You will find some good stuff to get you in the Brazilian mood. I hope you don’t plan to play American music when you get there.

21. GetNinjas

Cool app to hire Brazilians for various occupations like photographers, electricians, and barbers.

There you have it. 21 of the best apps for Brazil you can find. Pick a few and download them to your phone ASAP so you are ready to go to Brazil.