10 Underrated Afro Brazilian Actresses Part 2

Dandara Mariana from Lincoln Santos on Vimeo.


This is Part 2 of my 10 Underrated Afro Brazilian Actresses list.

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6. Dandara Mariana

afro brazilian actresses

Kicking off Part Dois of my 10 Underrated Afro Brazilian Actresses is a Brazilian beauty who gets her acting chops from her father.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Dandara Mariana was influenced by her father, Romeu Evaristo, who plays in the heavily criticized Brazilian sketch comedy, Zorra Total.

She is mostly known for her former role in the teen novela Malhação.

Stats: 5’2, 110 lbs

Birthplace: Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro

Popular Works: Malhação, O Concurso (2013), O Candidato Honesto (2014) and Aparecida – O Milagre (2010).

What She Looks For In A Man: ” To win me over a man has to be humorous, have a cool attitude, have attitude, be smart and affectionate.”

Follow her on IG: https://instagram.com/dandaramariana/

7. Aline Pradoafro brazilian actresses

Aline Prado is my wildcard pick. She relies on her beauty and she isn’t really known in the acting world yet, but she is very well spoken and charismatic. I think she may get her shot at serious acting roles in the future.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Prado’s claim to fame was becoming the third Globeleza at the age of 19. The Globeleza is the samba dancer who promotes Carnival on television through the channel Rede Globo. She held the title for 7 years before leaving the role to focus more on her acting aspirations.

The Ex-Globeleza appeared on the cover of the Brazilian version of Playboy in 2014.

She will be starring in the upcoming film O último virgem, playing a stripper named Michelly.

8. Erika Januza

afro brazilian actresses

(Photo: Anderson Borde/Agnews)

This beautiful and talented actress is known for Suburbia (2012), O Último Animal (2016) and Em Família (2014).

Her first role was as the main character in the Brazilian novela Suburbia. This novela was a milestone in Brazilian television because of its cast being 90% black. Yet, many viewers felt that the series relied too heavily on stereotypes of Black Brazilians.

Born: Contagem, Mina Gerais

Prior Career: Administrative Assistant at a public school

Hobbies: Dancing

Favorite Movies: Romantic comedies and action films

Favorite Trip: The trip to Rio de Janeiro to film Suburbia with a quick a stop in São Paulo.

Life Philosophy: Being grateful always

9. Negra Li

afro brazilian actresses

(Photo: Francisco Cepeda / AgNews)

Negra Li, born Liliane de Carvalho, is from São Paulo. She is a woman of many talents, excelling in acting, singing and dancing.

She was the lead character in the 2006 musical film, Antônia. The film is about the difficult journey of an all Afro Brazilian female Hip Hop group from São Paulo.

At the time of this post, you can stream the film online if you have a Netflix subscription. Just search for the film title under the Foreign Films category.

Although she has displayed her acting chops, Negra Li is mostly known for her successful singing career. She has collaborated with many popular Brazilian musicians. Internationally, she was featured on the Brazilian remix of Akon’s hit single Beautiful.

You can find out more about Negra Li by visiting her website at www.negrali.com.br

10. Jeniffer Nascimento

afro brazilian actresses

Last, but definitely not least, is probably the actress with the highest ceiling on my list. She was the first of my 10 underrated Afro Brazilian actresses to come to mind.

Jeniffer Nascimento is an Afro Brazilian singer and actress from São Paulo known for the all girl singing group Girls and the teen novela Malhação.

At only 21, Nascimento has already seen success in music and television. She started her career in theater, acting in Brazilian musical versions of Hairspray, Hair and Mamma Mia. Nascimento names Beyoncé and Jennifer Hudson as her influences.

You can follow Jeniffer on Twitter and Instagram.