The 10 Best Music Videos In Brazil (Foreign Artists)

Brazil is a great place to film a movie or music video.

This article is about the music videos in Brazil.

In the last ten years or so, many international musicians have taken hit songs to the beaches of Rio.

This article’s only criteria was that the main artist had to be a foreigner. Brazilian artists definitely have the best music videos in Brazil, so I’ll write an article about that in the future.

The 10 Best Music Videos In Brazil

1. T.I. ft. Iggy Azalea – No Mediocre

T.I. said he doesn’t want a mediocre woman.

So he went to Brazil and filmed this music video to find one. Too bad he couldn’t leave mediocre Iggy in the states.

The song is a little vulgar for my tastes but the models make up for it. One of my Top 10 underrated actresses is in this video.

2. Talib Kweli ft. Seu Jorge – Favela Love

Talib is notoriously known for not rhyming on beat so his flow can be hit or miss. I think this song is a hit. The scenery definitely is.

Is it just me or does Seu Jorge always look like he just got finished smoking a pack of Newports? He’s still one of my favorite singers.

Talib should have shot a few scenes in a favela but it’s all good. The love interest in this video is Brazilian actress Patricia Dejesus.

3. U2 – Walk On

The quality of this video is definitely pre-2003 but it’s an okay video for fans of U2 and Brazil.

NOTE: Don’t walk on Copacabana wearing a leather jacket, tennis shoes, long jeans and a beanie unless you want to be harassed by the guys selling $3 sunglasses and fake soccer jerseys.

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4. – I Got It From My Mama

Some of these music videos make it seem like Rio de Janeiro is one big party 24/7 crowded with dime pieces. Will had a dozen Brazilian dimes in bikinis playing volleyball and dancing while he sat and rapped.

Anyways, not a big fan of so I suggest watching this video on mute.

5. John Legend – P.D.A. (We Just Don’t Care)

John Legend is a classy guy, so it’s no surprise this music video is tastefully done. This song and video are for the lovebirds.

6. Like – Sao Paulo

Like is a rapper in the niche Hip Hop group Pac Div. Pac Div gets a lot of love in Brazil and Like gives the love back. This video is awesome. You can’t help but feel the positive energy from it.

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7. Michael Jackson – They Don’t Care About Us

Back in the day before most people in the world knew what a favela was, the most famous man on planet Earth took his talents to the people of Brazil.

20 years later and this song still resonates with not only Brazilians in favelas, but every marginalized community in the world.

Classic song. Solid lyrics. Marvelous video.

The song was accompanied by two music videos directed by Spike Lee. The first was shot in two locations in Brazil, in Pelourinho, the historic city centre of Salvador, and in a favela of Rio de Janeiro called Dona Marta,[1][2] where the state authorities had tried to ban all production over fears the video would damage their image, the area and prospects of Rio de Janeiro staging the 2004 Olympics. Still, the residents of the area were happy to see the singer, hoping their problems would be made visible to a wider audience.[2] (Source)

8. Ricky Martin – Vida

Ricky should have made this Living La Vida Loca Part 2 but I guess he just went with Vida. If you are going to have a beach party, it better be in Rio. Or it ain’t a beach party.

This song was horrible to me.

9. Beyonce – Blue

Although I am not a big fan of Beyonce’s music, I love this music video. And she has a lovely voice.

The clips of Brazilians are great and Beyonce looks fantastic as usual. Jay-Z is a lucky man.

10. Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrell – Beautiful

And finally.

Beautiful. The music video that exposed me to those colorful stairs. Snoop brought Brazil to BET back in the early 2000s.


This music video kick started the last ten years of music videos in Brazil. Outside of the City of God and porn filmed in Brazil, Snoop is the biggest reason a lot of guys became aware of Brazil and Brazilian women.

Shout out to Snoop Lion.