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The Love Motels In Brazil

The love motel is a place where couples go to have sex. You can pay by the hour, in two to four-hour blocks, or even all night usually beginning at 12:00am or 2:00am until noon that same day. Many Brazilians simply call them “motels”.

These love motels in Brazil are foreign to Americans because we really don’t have motels that are specifically built for sex.

Even though, we can assume a lot of sex is being had in American hotels and motels.

In a middle-priced love motel, each room is outfitted with a jacuzzi, a fridge with liquor and snacks, mirrors for you to watch yourself and channels with normal and adult content.

Now I know it sounds extremely unhygienic, but it really depends on the motel you stay at. If it is on the cheap side, well you get what you pay for. It’s no different from staying at a crappy motel in a seedy area in your current city.

However, most are very clean and well-kept. And they are just made for spending quality time with your girl, you have to visit one to understand.

To set the record straight, motels are not designed like the hotels you may be familiar with in America. For the most part, they are one or two story buildings, tucked away from streets so you can drive or take a taxi inside the premises into the garage that is usually attached to the room. It is very discreet. 

If it is not a cheap motel, you probably won’t have to walk past anyone or their room.

Who Goes To Motels?

For many people, calling a place a “sex” or love motel sounds sleazy and a place where only whores and their tricks go. But to the contrary, engaged couples are some of the most common people who occupy them.

Other countries like Japan and France have love motels as well. They are apart of their culture and are normal.

In Brazil, many people live at home with their families until they are ready to get married or are able to financially take care of themselves  without needing help. It’s difficult to have sex while your mother and father are sleeping in the next room.

So, instead of risking getting caught, a couple may head to motel for a few hours.

I haven’t personally seen the people who are in the love motels while I was checked in, but I would assume a lot of cheaters use them too. I’m a big proponent in not cheating if you are in a committed relationship, so I can’t defend these kind of men.

But if cheating’s your thing and you want to play around with a chick you got on the side in Brazil without getting caught at your place, love motels are always there.

Also, motels are ideal places for people who are staying in hostels or are in hotels. Although hostels are cheap and convenient, the price you pay is the lack of privacy.

So, love motels in Brazil are great to book when you want to treat yourself and your girl to a night alone.

An Example Of A Quality Motel Room

This room is R$ 135 or around $40 USD per night (12 hours). Many travelers who are on a budget even use motels to sleep overnight. So, they aren’t necessarily just for sex.

However, the best rooms like the one above are usually booked in advance. So, if you want a nice love motel room, you will have to make a reservation.

DO’S & DON’TS Of Love Motel Etiquette

  • DO act as if you have been there before even if you haven’t.
  • DON’T try to get just anybody to a love motel. Yes, it’s a common occurrence but only between two horny people. There needs to have been some type of sexual tension between both of you before you even think about taking it to a sex motel.
  • DO check into a motel even if you have your own place. It’s cool to have your own spot where you set the mood, but there is no normal apartment that can compete with the layout and design of a love motel room. So for a night or two out the week if you get lucky, try to set up a love motel run.
  • DON’T be cheap and stay in any motel you see on the street. Sometimes you really do pay for quality and in this instance it is true. If the room is less than R$60, it’s probably not a place you want to lay your head.
  • DO bring your own alcohol and food. Sometimes, it’s a spur of the moment type of thing, so you won’t be able to pre plan. But if you and your girl already know you both want to head to a love motel in a day or two, stock up on what you think you will need if you are staying overnight. The motel menu can be more expensive than what you pay in a regular store.
  • DON’T trip if you meet a woman who is “disgusted” at the idea of a love motel. We know women act like they are innocent angels and have no idea where babies come from. Brazil is a huge Catholic country, so you might come across a woman who acts like she has never been to one, but that’s just game. Scan the situation and if you believe she is just testing you, keep your game face on and continue the courting.

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How To Stop Women From Canceling Dates In Brazil

The Flake

Flake – (verb, often used with “out”) – To decide not to go at the last second; To “ditch” or “bail out.”

Every man has been there.

You got a date scheduled in a few hours. You’re at work and playing out how the date will go in your head. Your outfit is already picked out.

It’s 5PM. The date is at 8PM and you’re going home so you text the woman to confirm.

One hour passes….

Two hours….

She responds at 7:30PM with:

“I’m sorry, but I won’t be able to make it. I have a lot of work to finish tonight”


What happened? You both hit it off when you met her a few days ago. The conversation was effortless. She was really giving you signs of interest.

Why did she come up with that weak excuse to not meet up with you now?


Don’t feel bad that she flaked on you.

It’s not really about you. Women flake on childhood friends, even their own parents.

Don’t be surprised if a woman doesn’t care about not seeing a random guy she just met a few days ago.

Women are approached daily in the modern dating world; online and offline. They are overwhelmed with all the guys trying to get with them. You could be the 10th guy she talked to that week. She can easily forget you.

There’s a theory that when you have too many options, you become indecisive and just don’t choose anything. And when you do eventually choose, it’s usually at random and it’s probably not the best choice.

A lot of women are so overwhelmed with their dating options that they really do flake on certain guys that are great for them. They randomly choose to go on a date with a guy who isn’t the best option. He just asks her out on the day she finally decides to go out.

I’ve been that option women choose to go out on a date with. I’ve also been flaked on after having good chemistry with a chick.

In Brazil, women canceling dates is common. If you are on a one week vacation in Brazil, your chances of being flaked on has been doubled. A lot of women won’t go on a date with a guy who is leaving in a few days.

So, how do you overcome the flake in Brazil?

How do you meet a Brazilian woman and convince her to see you one on one?

The 4 Commandments Of Dating In Brazil

If there is a will, there is a way. You have to strategize, bud. Most of us will be flaked on until the day we die, but you can decrease the rate of canceled dates with a few changes to your game you might not be doing already.

This article disregards online dating. I will also assume there isn’t a huge language barrier that hurts your chances with getting dates in Brazil.

1. Don’t chase

“I love the thrill of the chase”

What does that even mean? Is the woman running away from you and you are chasing her like a game of cops and robbers?

If a woman is running away from you, I don’t think she likes you man.

If you meet a Brazilian woman and she’s being difficult, don’t waste your time. No woman who is really interested in you will make you jump through hoops to take her out. When a woman wants to see you, she will make time to see you.

Even in Brazil, you don’t have to be super aggressive to meet women.

You don’t have to beg for her time. She will make time. So, don’t chase em’.

You might even make a Brazilian woman interested in you because you aren’t chasing her! Most guys do chase women. Do the opposite and you will stick out.

Let’s say you are in a club in Rio. Make small talk with a woman. If you don’t see any signs of mutual attraction, excuse yourself without making any attempts of getting with her.

There’s no telling what she’s thinking now. You aren’t thirsty like the other guys there? Who are you?

Sometimes, you can create attraction just by not showing your cards the first time around. Eventually, you might talk to her again that night and she should be showing you something if she is attracted to you. More eye contact usually.

Remain mysterious, but exchange numbers. Now, you created a situation where you aren’t really pursuing her. It’s more like two people wanting to get to know each other better. It’s no longer one-sided.

2. Confirm mutual attraction

Like I mentioned in my article, 6 Reasons You Aren’t Successful With Brazilian Women, I really think kissing is the #1 way to get a woman in Brazil to see you again.

It’s like a confirmation that you both like each other.

And Brazil is a kissing culture. I’ve seen two people meet in a club, dance and make out in fifteen minutes.

It’s not 100% guaranteed, but in my experience, doing some type of physical touching leaves a lasting impression on a woman you meet at a party or in the club with kissing being the best.

If you are a great kisser, a Brazilian woman will be interested in seeing you again. And if she kisses you, it’s a solid sign that she finds you attractive. There is no guessing game. She gave you the go ahead.

3. Persistence beats resistance

dates in Brazil

Sometimes you are talking to a Brazilian woman and she wants to see you, but life is still going on. You might be on vacation, but she isn’t.

She isn’t really making you chase her. But she is viewing the situation like most women do. You are the man and you are pursuing her.

She also might be having second thoughts about going on a date with a foreigner.

Convince me to see you again is what she is subconsciously thinking. So you will have to be a little more persistent in getting her to reschedule what she thinks she has to do before seeing you.

How do you do that and stop the flake in its tracks?

Just be assertive.

“Let’s get a drink tomorrow at 8PM”

There’s a thin line between being assertive and being a control freak. So, be careful with how you come across. Too much force and you seem creepy. Too soft and she’ll blow you off.

Let her know it’s now or never. Have a set day and time and don’t budge. If she really is interested, she’ll like your assertiveness and make the time.

Even if she has to flake on someone else to do it.

4. Line up multiple dates

And the last commandment to stopping flakiness in Brazil…

Have multiple dates scheduled on the same night

Women aren’t the only people who can have options. If you aren’t constantly talking to women then you are asking to not have any women at all.

I recommend having at least TWO dates scheduled in one night. Plan B is a necessity in Brazil.

If your first option cancels, you aren’t too mad because you have the second option.

And if the first date is still on, you can just reschedule Plan B for the next day. In my experience, women won’t hold a canceled date against you unless she really isn’t interested.

How To Secure Dates In Brazil

You have to bring all the commandments together. To get dates in Brazil and stop the flake, the game plan must be formulaic. No woman is identical to the next but there are common reasons why women cancel dates. These commandments will help combat against those reasons.

The biggest take away from this article should be to make a good first impression. Stand out from the average guy because women have a lot of options today. If you can make a woman remember you, you will have a better chance at being her first option.

Having multiple dates in Brazil lined up will even put the power in your hands and give you more options.

If you can follow the commandments and truly believe in them, you will not only have more dates than you could ever want in Brazil, but also in your city.

How To Master Online Dating In Brazil

Online Dating In Brazil

Online dating in Brazil is easy when you

1. Know which dating sites to use and

2. Have an online dating strategy to maximize your success with women.

I always hear about OkCupid and Plenty Of Fish when it comes to the hot websites for American dating.

What about international dating, specifically in Brazil?

I’ll make it simple for you. Forget about Badoo and Brazil Cupid. Focus on these three online platforms.

Tinder uses your location to show women in your area. If you have an iPhone, you will have to buy Tinder Plus to use their Passport feature which allows you to change your location to anywhere in the world. Android users can use special apps to change their phone’s location.

I’ve had Whatsapp for a few years now and I owe it all to Brazil for introducing me to this cool app. It’s an instant messenger that allows you to send texts, voice messages and pictures to anyone in the world who has the app granted you have their phone number in your contacts. Most Brazilians I know have this app because many of them have a prepaid cell phone plan that uses minutes for texts. This app is mandatory so download it. It’s not a dating app but it’s used like one.

I’m a daily Facebook user. There are millions of people with a Facebook account and it won’t slow down. Its influence in other countries is steadily growing especially in Brazil. I would suggest looking at Facebook if you want to converse with Brazilian women overseas before your planned trip. It’s a great way to see her lifestyle and take a
peek at her friend’s list.


  • Never focus on one woman. It is a recipe for disaster and women tend to notice when you have no options. You don’t want to spend a month messaging a woman online only for her to flake when you land in Brazil. You should have a minimum of ten women you are keeping in contact with; I’d even say fifteen to better your chances at hanging out with the one you really want.
  • Sometimes you can talk to a woman online too soon and hurt your chances of meeting her when you get to Brazil. Usually, women will be down to meet you for about two weeks then the excitement will wear off – they will simply lose interest. I suggest not contacting anybody until about two weeks out from your trip.
  • Less is more in many cases and it can be applied to online dating or just dating period. Don’t tell your whole life story over the Internet. People imagine a lot of things about you when they aren’t exactly sure who you
    are, especially women. Be vague about your life, how long you will be in Brazil, why you will be in Brazil and just tell her enough that it piques her interest and makes her want to see you when you land.
  • Facebook and Tinder are always my #1 recommendations for online dating in Brazil. You can browse her not so flattering pictures she would never post on a dating site. And one thing about Facebook that traditional dating sites don’t have is the ability to see how a woman interacts with her family and friends; you get a better grasp of her personality and not the image she is trying to portray on a dating website.


  • Facebook is dominating the Brazilian social media audience, don’t ignore it.
  • Be vague and leave some mystery to yourself when you are going back and forth with women online. You want to keep their interest high and hopefully at its peak right before your arrival.
  • Whatsapp and Tinder are must-have apps to keep in contact. You can’t master online dating in Brazil without them.
  • Have options.

Tinder is popular in Brazil. You’ll find a wide range of Brazilian women on it of all ages. You must use Tinder before you step one foot in Brazil.


There are three big reasons why you want to use Tinder.

For more information on how to crush Tinder and master online dating in Brazil check out my book.

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